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  TrueDragons  |  2

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  Pleonasm  |  34

19- Just reread the FML. This wouldn't be an FML if she hadn't, plus you don't just hand random tickets to your partner and say "hold on, wait for me to get ready for this festival with you' without him knowing what it is and who it is with.
The implausibility of your suggestion and the principle of Occam's Razor indicates that there was planning involved prior to the event and that he should know that it was for her and him, especially since she handed him the tickets FOR her to get ready WITH him.

So quick to play devil's advocate.

  Ian7890  |  23

what 19 was saying is that maybe she didn't tell him the tickets were for each other. you said it wouldn't be on fml if she didn't say that, which doesn't make sense.

  Pleonasm  |  34

So she just hands him random tickets for no apparent reason and leaves to get ready for some event that he has no clue about (even though she must have told him why she was leaving...), and he then deduces that this is some sort of awesome gift meant to be used for him and some totally different person than his partner.
Of course, why hadn't I thought of that.

  Flowtastic  |  16

39 - you mean the assumption that she hadn't told him what the tickets were for? Or the assumption that she had...

Either assumption or implication, it's being done on both sides of this argument.

Personally I'd rather go with the obvious and likely...

  kristabelli  |  19

Pleo I totally agree with you on payback. It doesn't help anything. I do think this could still be on FML even if it had been a misunderstanding - certainly some FMLs are slightly skewed or even completely false, just to be entertaining. (Which they are!) Having said that, the guy's an idiot either way. Daft or a jerk, take your pick.

By  PrimeRuler  |  2

Before people say FYL, did you let him know that you were planning to go with him? Otherwise, he would think it was a gift and can't be blamed for taking someone else.

  Metallica36176  |  16

Exactly what I was thinking. Why the hell did she give him the tickets considering she already had them? He's an ass, yes get rid of him but its a FYL and YDI at the same time.

  KVKdragon  |  26

Pretty sure there's a reasonable expectation of temporary ownership on those tickets even if she let the boyfriend hold it. She still had a say on who those tickets would be used for, which should have been the OP and her (now ex) bf. The bf is a complete utter douchebag as well

Parent: "Oh, thanks for babysitting my child. I had a work emergency this evening. I can take him home now"

Babysitting Friend: "He's not here. I put him up for adoption just so I could have some free time for my date at a festival"