By cassieleigh1 - 05/11/2015 05:05 - United States - Davenport

Today, my father, who is not familiar with keyboards, had me register his new email account for him at the public library. His username choice? "Wang dang sweet poon tang". People heard. FML
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I'm laughing really hard at the comments! Yeah, my dads pretty awesome. He understands keyboards and computer basics but he seriously types with just his index finger, using both hands, just pick-poking around while squinting back and forth from screen to keyboard to see. Lol He's not a weird-pervert, but a 50 year old punk who wishes he were my age (18), and living in the 70s again. He actually snuck into the Mississippi Valley Fair in Iowa this recent year and didn't get caught hahaha. When I was a kid he used to "copy" entry stamps with pen to get us in free. 9th birthday he took me to a local heavy metal concert, not sure why they allowed 9 year olds in a mosh pit... Also saw Rush for my 11th or something.

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I would love if my parents had that type of humor. Your lucky op.

It probably just made someone's day, be happy op.


Their dad's awesome what? Finish your sentence.

lolbash 18

That was correct grammar but ok

26—apostrophes are also used in contractions, as in "Your comment's wrong".

#26 what part of speech did you think awesome was?

I should sleep more. I hope you enjoyed it 8)

It probably just made someone's day, be happy op.

"where would you like us to send the email confirmation, sir?" wangdangsweetpoontang@aol/dotcom

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You say that like it's a bad thing

I would love if my parents had that type of humor. Your lucky op.

Now you're trying to correct a sentence like someone did with the first comment? Get a life.

Normally I'd agree, but the comment they're correcting is actually grammatically incorrect...

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Should be fun if he has to use it for something official.

This is why I register all of my techno-illiterate family members' email addresses at strip clubs. Gram starts telling stories from her college years, and we all have one hell of a time!

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Great password. Only a Ted Nugent fan would guess that....