By Anonymous - 02/11/2009 14:04 - United States

Today, I finally had the opportunity to have sex with my girlfriend. This would be the first time for both of us, so I tried to make it really special. I had everything planned out to be very romantic. She loved how it was set up. After all this, I couldn't get it up at all, all night. FML
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burnquist764 0

Don't worry about it, pressure can make things like that happen. Relax next time.

jchansfan 0

Romance is dead in your world, isn't it?


burnquist764 0

Don't worry about it, pressure can make things like that happen. Relax next time.

Or just lightly tie a shoe-lace around it... ;)

xlostwithoutu 0

this story just made me lmfao

I'm trying to find out how old do u have to be an acceptible age to do it

The general rule is 18 because then you are and adult but if you are with someone for a long time you may be ready to be intimate by 16.

see that's sad :( if she really likes u she would laugh it off and wait till next time

In canada the age of consent is 16 i think it's the same in USA

perdix 29

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jchansfan 0

Romance is dead in your world, isn't it?

perdix 29

I don't know whether you are talking to me or DHD, but my answer is "no." But both of us are handing out some harsh, but sage advice. It's more romantic when you are good at sex. And it takes practice on a real, live woman to get good. Some girls might pretend to find it cute or endearing to be with an inexperienced guy, but they are really thinking, "FAIL."

jchansfan 0

I dunno man. I think there is something romanitic about them sharing their first time. But meh. =/

since when did this fml turn into an episode of third rock from the sun?

Xo_CuPcAkLuVa_oX 6

perdix- I completely disagree I rather have a virgin. Its romantic that way, rather then some guy that has been around.

Why would he want to lose his virginity to a hooker? At the end of the day, if his girlfriend is a virgin too, she isn't going to know any better so she isn't going to judge him or compare his performance. And in a trusting relationship the sex will get better as time goes on. Screw losing your virginity to a hooker, screw having sex with a hooker at all, it really says something about a man who has to pay someone to have sex with them.

hatemeorkillme 4

Hooker really?????!!!! No not a hooker find out sex positions and moves online.

dont need a hooker, you practice with your girlfriend. every girl is different and likes different things done to her. practicing on a hooker who will probably lie to you so you pay more is a terrible idea.

seriously dude?????..........mine gets up only by thinking about it :)

Aw that really sucks. should have had her like strip for you or somethin sexy like that I'm sure that would have gotten you hard. unless she's fat. eeww

lmao. wow, all these comments are hilarious. seriously though, that sucks. sorry dude.

My first time, we were both virgins. He got it up. And it was all down hill from there. rofl. God I regret that.

flyboy57 0

that sucks man. go to sleep, you'll wake up with a woody in the mornng, then get it on!