By Johntheladdo - 29/03/2011 17:26 - United Kingdom

Today, I heard the four most dreaded words known to man during my first time: "Is it in yet?" It was. FML
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stick it in her butt, she'll know then ^^

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haha a awwww poor dude  well dnt feel bad she might of been loose as *** lmao

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The 4 most dreaded are actually "I am a man" (at least with straight sex when the "female" says it).

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haha this totally happened to a friend of mine. boy, did I feel bad for her.

wouldn't you feel more bad for him because he has to deal with it for the rest of his life

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Never heard that one from a chick. But I'd slap the bitch that said it and said, "Look c$nt, I didn't know I'd have to throw my dick into a f$cking CONCERT HALL SIZED C$NT! Did you have to f$ck every donkey in Mexico to get a p$ssy that loose or WHAT!" Now guys, be the first one to school and get YOUR story out FIRST! So everyone she told would tell her what they had already heard. Heheheheheh!

I've actually asked my boyfriend before if it was in yet, but just when we had sex for the first time and I wasn't really sure of anything all I knew was that it hurt. So don't feel bad op she probably didn't mean it in that way!

haha I would have told her to make me a sandwhich

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i said this to my boyfriend the first time. i didnt mean it like "is that it?" i meant "do i have to take more in?" because it really hurt and i couldnt see from my angle.

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haha 230 that's the way to do it!

Lay her on her back, lift her legs, give her the most bang for your buck.

I don't get it I ask the movie store that question all the time

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230, that's ......... Almost violating and deff freaky use got problems...

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He made it pretty clear that it was in the post....

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Did you not read the last sentence of this FML or are you purposely trying to act dumb?

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He also said it was his first time having sex. How about I rephrase my sentence for all you assholes, "Was it in the right hole?" Jesus Christ.

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KaySL, back the **** off and actually reply to the right post before you try to say anything to me.

Girl fight. Sweet. *grabs popcorn and pint of Guinness*

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Calm down 65, Grow up and stop arguing with a stranger over her misreading a post. God, stupid asshole.

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Hey, hey, WHOA. There's only room for one Sir in these parts..

Ashley, you must be relatively new here and relatively young. *checks Ashley's profile* Right. Let me explain the makeup of FML comments: - 75% worthless drivel - 5% helpful advice or intelligent witticisms - 20% complete and utter stupidity - 5% yelling at morons If people like KaySL didn't exist, those 20% would run rampant around here. Plus, they smell. Is that what you want? Didn't think so. SirEBC: No one is impressed that the King of Togo declared you a knight.

is it just me, or does that add up to 105%?

KingDingALing 9

Hey! There's only one King around here! And it's me!

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117, Kay had JUST finished explaining that.

Heather_x0x0 6

LOL!!! that did add up to 105% hahaha interesting....

1. The 2 5%'s are apparently one and the same, so it adds up. Also apparently intelligent witticism = yelling at idiots, though I would rather point out that it's not yelling at them as much as making insulting fun of them in a loud type. (No, it can't be a voice online, nubs.) 2. We can all leave Ashley alone in the dark on this, the poor freshman, still reeking, has yet to learn that intelligent argument is the best entertainment aside from the FML's on here. DocBastard, you are my hero.

You're all idiots. This entire length of comments is pointless and annoying.

You know... you could've stopped reading it instead of wasting our time telling us how "pointless and annoying" it is.

you guys we would be bored without Sir Bastardlot and Queen Evil, they make FML interesting, and I'm forgetting a few others but they are hilarious

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147- And now you're included in it! At first you were one of the cool guys feeling superior because you didn't get in on the stupidity, but now you're excluded from that group because you couldn't resist the urge to tell us how stupid and annoying we are! See how that works?!

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You're all idiots except Kay and Doc. 147, you're far more of an idiot than the rest for contributing to this thread even though you said it was 'pointless'. Also, for using my word.

I like the effort on the breakdown there doc but I'd you add up your percentages you get 105%...

Hey, I'm offended by that! I'm not an idiot, I just play one in... real... life..... Damn. You got me. (that's sarcasm for you noobs if you can't tell) Frankly, to be honest, I don't care. I love the long arguments for entertainment value and sometimes say something stupid to continue them.

"I've got a lovely bunch if coconut, there they are standing in a row, big ones, small ones, some as big as your head...!"

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Hahahaha Fake! hahahahaha Fake and gay!

Yes, it adds up to 105%. I tried to go back and edit it, but my iPhone dictionary thingy screwed it up.

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this is the longest argument ever.

I hate it when I try to comment something and my iPod "corrects" it

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i find these comments rather funny hahaha

ohthebloodygore 16

215, oh sorry! I forgot. Eli, not only are you the biggest idiot, you're also a dweeb. That should do it.

yet you too are adding to something that you claim is pointless...nicely done lol

I shit on this argument thread. now the whole thing stinks.

gb_chrs 2

just turn the autocorrect off, it almost never helps anyway.

A7X_LoVeee 10

198 I see what you did there. Bravo.

guys you need to calm the f*ck down. I don't understand why people take time out of their lives to have meaningless arguments and convos with anonymous strangers. oh wait, that's right. you have no lives. go out and get some.

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MATH BADD no more jjjuuuusssstttt got out of school so please for the love of Gawd pull the ten ft. sticks out of all of ur pussys and SHUT THE **** UP. thank yhu

hahaha #241 you're talking shit about how meaningless this is yet you take the time to comment and tell people to get a life?????? What about you? Do you have a life? I think not =p

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tixthtknvyklkffgg753$;@)-grg srry guys i was wiping the **** off my keyboard

50.- you are my kind of person! cheers to you my friend!

Both Johnny's name and comment are win.

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if it was in the wrong hole I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be asking if it was in yet... but instead screaming "wrong hole!!"

KaySL, have you ever been to anger management therapy? you sound like you really need it...100% of the time....ViolentBears was very clearly being sarcastic. you need to calm down and find a non-Internet alternative to vent this anger that you have.

now I'm not going to say this is purposeless. that would mean that my comment would be as well. but you guys should really shut up. if you want to argue with someone because you are angry or feel you were cheated in life, do it in your private place and time. it makes the human race look as retarded as you look. peace chaps.

did you want him to just reiterate the fact that he had a small penis hahaha

<troll> Lol! #3 Can't reed! </troll> Oh the irony!

Has this finally been settled? : o Oh, and it most definitely was in the right hole. Technically it should've been since OP thought so to himslf after having been asked whether it was or not. It's like this: She asked him if it was in - silently pinning down that she is asking him if he had INSERTED HIS PHALLUS INSIDE HER ****** (lol), and he thought "Yes". So it should be settled. What amazes me the most is the fact nobody Even mentioned the possibility of his penis being fairly small. Like seriously - it was the first thing that came to my mind. x)


DocBastard is pretty much the only reason to read FML. And his numbers grossly underestimate the number of stupid, pointless, or inane posts here.

win on 181's random comment of the day. Possibly the greatest addition of these posts over all. Well....alongside Doc's.

right? Even if it was a mistake,wtf is the big deal,just cuz u live on this app ,and think u own it get a fukin life bro?

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DocBastard- You are the greatest person alive. That is all.

Ashley, why the hell would you put your number on here? You are an idiot.

72- you are an utter retard. way to put your number your profile. do you want to get stalked by creepers? wow lol obviously you do or you are just a desperate ho. idk lol. but dont tell someone to shut up for argueing and using nasty names and then just go and do it yourself. annoying hypocrite.

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This whole post is WINNING EPICLY!!!! DUH

Also kinda feel bad for op for having an unsatisfactory sized penis. or maybe the chick for has a really big ******... really big ******... really big ******... echo... echo...

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thumbs up for Guinness! Hha

AceArctic 4

Doc, Kay, you're both complete dicks and that is why I love both of you. To the rest of you: Falafel off you sons of baklavas. :)

haha this comment is full of so much fail

Seriously, there's a huge difference between "was it in yet" and "was it in the right hole"..

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Doc is it safe to say that I love u

72 next time wear a real shirt. Using the entire length of your arm to push em up when you have so little resorces isnt going to work.

Just gotta reply to this to make it 69! And that sucks): FYL

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ydi for not drinking milk lol

oh no! don't forget she's part of the problem

Hey, the concentration of nerves that causes a woman pleasure only extends about 3 or so inches into the vag depending on how long her clit is. As long as you can rock those 3 inches you're all set!

Duuuuude. Penis enlargement. Or find a smaller girlfriend.

I thought the 4 worst words were "I have a penis"

ViolentBears 0

Or "What is that thing?" or "Get that thing away!" or "I have seen better." Take your pick.

dum_dum1 0

@31 - nope, "Is it in yet" would be worse than any of those.

j2013t 0

rather hear that thn i have a penis

crizzy101 5

now I get wat this person is saying ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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you folk believe dick pills work?? maybe I should start selling them...