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  hama806  |  19

I work night shift and sometimes my family will not call me to do things because they assume I'm sleeping and don't want to disturb me. And I live an hour away too. Don't take it so hard OP.

By  whaleninjamaster  |  7

Remember that family is just a place for awkward occasions, OP. I think it's fine that you aren't invited.
Just call their cell and start chatting. They will realize that you should be there and invite you over.
But I'm sorry. Tough roads in life.

By  eleemosynarian92  |  5

If it's anything like dinners with my family, you just missed out on an opportunity for a baby to spit up on you, your aunts and uncles to interrogate you about whether you have a degree yet, and your grandparents to ask you if you're still gay. I would be thanking my lucky stars.


Day 236: Call from real Mom. Pretended to be my friend, Samantha Smith. Worked well. Uncle now responds to Uncle.

The dog is still suspicious, but now I have 1/2 pound of Meat Lovers treats.