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Today, for the fifth day in a row, I have awoken at 6am to the sounds of my roommate's guest's child screaming. If it's anything like the last four days, the child will continue to randomly screech every fifteen minutes or so for the next five hours. I work 13-hour night shifts. FML
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Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver :D


Perhaps a pair of Bose noise cancelling headphones might be a good idea before that.

#17 is a perfect example of people who can't take jokes on FML.

#30, looks like you made a "mega error."

Yeah I guess #26 but personally any 'joke' about harming an innocent child is not funny to me on any level. I can't help it if my sense of humor is more complex than yours. I bet if I said the word 'fart' you'll sit there with your phone laughing to tears.

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#35 or you are just some pussy who takes everything seriously. You would probably be one of those teacher that would have an 8 year old expelled for pointing gun fingers at another child.

26- yeah but the joke is a little dark dont you think? I mean this is a child we're talking about

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Yeah and if u murder him and he screams everyone won't think anything of it

Ever heard of black humour? It was a joke, anyone with a child (except #7) can laugh at a joke like that. I have a four year old and some days I feel like punting her across the room.

You know what, maybe you would be bothered by it if you lost your nephew due to abusive parents. I hope none of you ever have to go through that.

Why the hell are you people on my ass anyways? It's not like I cursed him out and belittled him. I just said "Get out". You lot are the ones being over dramatic 14 year old girls about it.

I have two small children and I raise them the same way I was raised. If I bring you in to this world, I can take you out. It's a joke that people with kids understand. May not be everyone's cup of tea, but on the interwebz, a joke is a joke. Btw, random abuse stories won't keep people from making their jokes. So just move a long and find something productive.

I wasn't trying to keep people from making their jokes I was giving insight on why it bothered me and why I said get out.

my question is, if he is working so many "night shifts", how is he home at 6am?

Being roommates means that you two are partners. Talk to him and ask him if he can get his guests to leave. You shouldn't have to put up with that for days.

Ear plugs might help you OP or for immediate effect pretend like you have influenza and tell the guest that you are worried for their baby.

I would not be able to handle that for days on end. I would suggest finding local hotels in the area and suggesting the guests go there.

OP shouldn't have to put up with a screaming baby every morning. #70 has the right idea. If the roommate wants their guest nearby, put them up in a hotel. If you haven't worked nights, you don't know how important it is to get uninterrupted sleep. If you don't sleep properly, you get sick.

Perfectly good reason of why I hate most little kids.

A lot of little kids are fun to be around. I think it greatly depends on the quality of their parenting.

Like you were a very good child when you were young.

Yes I was a well behaved child when I was young because my parents would not take my shit, being young isn't an excuse. You teach them when they're young so they function in society.

I read it like the child was an infant. Good parenting or not, that baby's going to cry.

I don't believe the term "Screeching" would be used on an infant, this sounds to me like a toddler who screeches to get its way. and if the child is crying every fifteen minutes, infant or not, for five hours than something is being done wrong somewhere.

I would just talk to him/her about since he/her is you room mate.

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Ugh this is why I hate children. But really, don't blame the kid OP, blame your roommate and your roommates guest. Because clearly they're not doing anything about it when your roommate should know you have to be sleeping. Either that or the guest is just a total douche

OP needs to tell his/her roommate something! I been in a similar situation where I didn't tell my roommate that she's too loud and needs to go to sleep and not stay up talking each nigh!! I never got enough sleep because of her. I didn't want to tell her because I was too nice :( don't be too nice op!

What is his roomate supposed to do Say stfu to the little kid?

Dude, if you can't sleep through someone talking in the other room, why did you even get a roommate? I'd be pissed if my roommate told me I had a bedtime because my talking was too loud. Different schedules is part of apartment living...

Oh I hate when that happens to me and the parents don't even do anything. Put ear plugs or talk to your roommate that's what I do.