By rholt - 14/01/2014 06:48 - United States - Baldwin City

Today, as I was taking out the trash, I spotted my cute neighbor doing the same. In a rush to get out before he went back inside, I slipped on my iced-over porch. I passed out and woke up with a note on my chest saying, "I unlocked your door but you were too heavy to drag inside". FML
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Not really... She could have had a concussion. He should have called an ambulance or at least stayed with her to make sure she woke up. I would never leave someone passed out in the cold.

Especially cause she was out long enough for him to try to carry her and write a note! 0.0

Leaving someone alone while unconscious is not in the slightest bit nice. She could have suffered some head trauma and should have been examined by a doctor. She's lucky she woke up so easily (this isn't a damn movie). Calling for an ambulance would be common sense for any decent person. This "cute" neighbor is clearly a douche bag and now she knows not to pursue him any further.

So say she got a concussion and never woke up. Will the crush still be considered nice when explaining to police what happened?

I'm going to be Devils Advocate and say I probably wouldn't have even left a note. And it isn't his problem that OP wasn't more careful. In fact OP sounds a bit weird to be in such a rush to look at some guy. Kind of creepy. Knock of his door and make plans like normal people.

how did he unlock the door? either he had a spare key or he went into her pants....weird.

No, he was a complete jerk. She could have had a concussion and need emergency medical attention and he should have at least called 911. Or she might have gotten frostbite or hypothermia. Or maybe he... ugh.

No, leaving someone just lying there is not nice at all. He should have called an ambulance, all kinds of bad things can happen when someone gets hit on the head so hard, that he/she is passing out. And apparently it is cold in Kansas right now. An unconscious human lying on freezing cold ground becomes hypothermic very rapidly and acute renal failure is only one of many potentially deadly consequences. No, OPs neighbour is very far from being nice. In fact he is a reckless, heartless and uncaring asshole.

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Well, considering that this occurred in the United States, we can definitively say it is NOT illegal here. Cold, maybe, but perfectly legal.

You really don´t have to help people at all in USA? You are allowed to stand by and watch someone drown, burn or bleed to death and are not obligated to help in any way not even to call an ambulance?

People in the US were getting sued so often for trying to help that they had to pass laws called good samaritan laws that prevented it. I don't think every state has them though.

Why was OP's door even locked? She just went outside in a rush to take out her trash. I don't see her locking her door for that.


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Watch out, #85. #21 is going to jump out of nowhere when you least expect it and correct your grammar.

I never claimed to be the girl in my profile picture. Stop being judgemental assholes.

Just mental assholes? We wrote one comment, not even an offensive one. Take it easy, no one tries to hurt you:)

Calling someone a troll for no reason is pretty offensive if you ask me.

I apologize if you found it offensive, but that's not how our community works. If you look on other FMLs, we like to make fun of the other users, sometimes. Not to hurt anyone's feelings, but that's just how it works.

Maybe you should both invest in gym memberships.

"Hey, wanna go to gym with me?" could actually be a pretty good conversation starter.

What kind of person leaves somebody unconscious outside in cold weather?!

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#6, someone who is too ashamed to let people know how weak he is. EMT's can be very judge-y and blab embarrassing facts all over town. The guy's got a rep to protect!

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From the FML perspective, a rational person.

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Obviously the cute dumbass OP was trying to impress.

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One that can't drag a fatty inside?

They weren't worth it anyway, OP. Nobody wants that kind of person!

The man OP was trying to impress might have just been weak, or OP could be a bit on the large side. no one knows so don't be so quick to judge.

At least he checked on you...right? Hope you didn't hurt yourself too much...

Are you sure you still want to get your cute neighbor's attention?