By tony456 - 11/07/2011 21:08 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and I were making out while she was laying on me. Her little brother walked in, saw us and yelled, "Mom they're swallowing each other!" FML
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Blackmail111 9

Atleast she swallows...

Kids says some funny stuff :)


Kids says some funny stuff :)

aprilmayjune93 0

gotta love the things kids say

calichik95 0

lick my butthole.

salvorican 24

Um. That's cute 42

lcecreamNSadness 2

Her brother is a Hero.

z_hamel 0

umm stfu! 48

Epsilonyx 15

yes plz

garrettsgirl 0

haha the things little kids say

At least they weren't REALLY swallowing when he walked in

Would have been weird if he was right. Also isn't it better that he said that instead of "MOM, they're about to have SEX!!!!!!"


ya, imagine what he would've said if he in walked on them having sex...

StopDropNRoll 11

they're wrestling?

fthislyfe 22

alright that was cute! But I wonder how it's an FML!!!

Because her brother probably stopped the sex they were planning in having. he basically fit cock blocked by a 10 year old

coffeygirl12 14

haha souds like sumthin my bro would do..& pls excuse the crap spelling (: I'm not grammar crazy..

agaba 0

134 u mean a 4 year old

mintcar 9

They were just tasting each others DNA, that's all. :D

There's DNA in peoples hair... they could taste it that way.

25 the girl was jumping on the guy to make his stomach smaller(fml reference)

Why would she bother? The woman next door will just get on her knees and blow it back up.

mintcar 9

161, what're you talking about? My comment was not a response.

Ns_Visual 0

then let's go(; haha nah that's gross....

Hey u have the same pic as me..wierd

no, I think you have the same picture as me! :O

lmfao tht was a good one

Nice pic 1.. oh now wait just a second here

Ionodemon1995 0

Hi Patrick! :D Hi Patrick.. :l Hi again.. patrick -_-

common now. who stole my pic?

hellokittay 5

4 Patrick's :D

that's soo cute lol

Crncj 0

at least op was still wearing his clothes

grafixxx687 0


simistar1 0

omg too hilarious haha

at least he didn't stay there and watch

that's true would have made things a lot more awkward.

whybother8 0

couldve been worse. you couldve been eatin eachother out...

"Not yet, kid, but give me about 5 minutes"

guess it's time to fake CPR?

Blackmail111 9

Atleast she swallows...


he's winning

smgboo 0

like Charlie sheen.

Eggers 2

nice 118, jump on the Charlie Sheen jokes. no one ever uses those.

dude i found that pic on google

tylersign 11

Nice 118, you're a killjoy.

Blackmail111 9

118 Sigh Charlie sheen isn't winning he's Bi-Winning get your facts straight

theten_fml 9

OPs mind: "I WISH!"

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

3- gears of war is SICK!!! I want the 3rd so bad :D

breezie143 0

I am a lifeguard and I had one kid come up to me and say 'lifeguard lifeguard that man over there with the hairy back he is watching your bum'

kids say the darnest things:)

dhaworth93 8

hello beautiful lol hit me up would love to talk to you damn straight sexy ;)

that word darnest is like vomit

I was about to say the same thing lol!

antoniocalos15 0

is that really your profile pic because if it is i would tap dat

dlcj22 11

Lol oh yes they def say the funniest things

iChel413 6

lol little kids are so funny

el_paso_guy89 0

Most definitely!

I love being on top. Lol... Though am currently boyfriendless. :(

122, cool story bro.

proxxX069069 7

being on tops always fun :]

laying on top? she's a keeper. ;-)

xoxo_cherri_xoxo 6

I would give you the thumbs up you deserve but then you would have 70 and there is nothing fun about 70 :P

johnnie254 7

I think all guys like it when a girl is on top

86 I thumbed u up because ur picture is awesome n I didn't know how to show u

He's trained to spy. Look out!

ym5 0

my pickachu is better

mrredkneck 2

nice pic

Hah. My pikachu isnt off the internet though! :D

only the girl is swallowing

jackiemoonthepro 5

why would this get thumbed down?!

You don't know that. >_>

C4Z 0

here i thumbed him up (: now hes at 0