By wtf bro - Australia - Canberra
  Today, my brother babysat for me. He invited his girlfriend around without me knowing, and they were all playing hide and seek together. While he and his girl were hiding, they decided to have a quickie. My three year old found them and saw everything. She won't stop copying their sex noises. FML
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By  thejonac  |  21

i'm sorry OP, but i'm not sure that your brother is suitable for babysitting your kid. it seems he can't even have some self-control in front of a child for a few hours

By  Gunny20  |  25

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  Selene1090  |  26

It can trigger curiosity, obviously. And that's how the "playing doctor" starts and next thing you know another child is involved. It can actually cause some problems. We have problems with my nephew because his mother didn't know how to be more careful with the kids home and he is really inappropriate at times. So I would be furious and keeping an eye on my child and explaining things in an age-appropriate manner as best I could.

  Zebediabolical  |  39

At 3 years old most kids won't take anything much from it other than the obvious imitation of noises. Don't make a big deal out of it (in their presence) and the chances of it affecting a 3 year old are pretty slim.

  teapotrevolt  |  27

All I'm saying is that it CAN scar children. Doesn't mean it will in this particular instance, and it was nothing terribly traumatizing, however it could been worse. I hear all the time about kids being put in this kinda of situations, (ie molestation) and they can't cope when they get older. All fun and games until someone loses their mind.