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By Leyla - 14/07/2012 07:09 - Canada - Brampton

Today, I was having sex with my boyfriend. We were under the covers, and my little brother thought we were wrestling, so he got on top of the covers and started "wrestling" with us. FML
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robc32ca 4

Lock your door or don't do it while the family is home.


Agreed! But how can you even think about having sex when your little brother is in the same house?

It bothers me, too. If you have a little brother, surely you're not even going to want to have sex while he's in the house, let alone where he can apparently find you...

Well usually you expect family to respect your privacy. I guess it depends how old the little brother is. If he's like 10, he should know to not just barge in to peoples room

Am I the only person that doesn't have a lock on my bedroom door?

aruam365 24

46- Me too, and I'm definitely of an age that would deem it nessecary.

robc32ca 4

Was she babysitting her little brother?

b0ngs 7

they're probably horny teens who not only can't get it on somewhere else, but don't have the discretion not to do it when a little kid is around

I'm a little sister, and when my siblings and I lived at home I accidentally waked in on my sister and now brother in law. Shit happens, people have sex at their parents house.

#46. My boyfriend doesn't have a lock either.. His room is built weird, so he can lay a camping chair in between the door and the wall, and you can't open it. That's his lock ;) lol everyone can have a lock, you just gotta be creative about it!

lol he's gunna be scarred in a few years when he realizes what he did

Either way I hope your parents catch you.

jellycorn 13

Well, if the kid is 10, he probably knows that they aren't 'wrestling' as well as knowing not to barge into their room. The kid was probably around 4-8 years old.

But what if he knew you weren't wrestling? O_o

...or sooner if he happens onto fml....

cadillacgal79 32

Don't worry 46, I don't have a lock, my little brother thinks it's necessary to barge into my room every 5 seconds. Boy, I can't wait to have my own house. :/

robc32ca 4

Lock your door or don't do it while the family is home.

Talkryz 7

Both could work perfectly too

Not all bedroom doors have locks. Like my house, only the bathrooms do. OP should have not done it while her little brother was home though. They could have scared him of they were above the covers.

How come there's so many people without locks on their doors? What retards built everyone's houses here?

100- my room has a lock but it doesn't work. Like you would lock the door but all you have to do is push the door then it opens.

When you build a door people should include locks unless.... The person was stupidly retarded!!!!!

DreBeezy 9

132, among other reasons, do you mean to fap?

I really hope Sirin gets to this one. *waits patiently for stupid comment to mysteriously turn into a self insulting comment*

For some reason I feel as if that account was created for the single purpose of attempting to get the first comment on FMLs.

Slender_Man 6

First to comment, last to get laid

Aw, damn. It was moderated instead. That's no fun at all.

peachesncreem 21

Nooooo! I missed it! What did it say?

FMMFL1992 3
FMMFL1992 3

Alan got to this comment. Stop deleting it Alan!

DKjazz 20

I sure hope y'all were wearing your protective cups.

stormer461 13

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why would she always want her little brother to walk in and 'wrestle' them?

The word was "thing" not "the" I believe. You tried, good effort, but I still have to fail you for poor execution. Maybe next time

That almost would have worked if you had a Pedobear avatar, otherwise it's just a creepy failed attempt at being funny.

stormer461 13

Wow. I somehow didn't notice until now but it should say that threeway. Whatever. Bad joke let's move along

Poor thing is scarred for life. Awkward.

ur suppose to wait until marriage for sex. ****

Blackmail111 9

You know, people can choose not to "save" them selves for marriage so, just because you frown upon her not doing that doesn't make her a **** it makes you ignorant.

Not everyone has to live to your standards, we're not all hardcore Christians.

7 - Wow, that's seriously the most ignorant, stupid comment I've read in a long time. Keep your bigoted opinions to yourself next time. Hope you get banned. Cheers :)

51 - No, he meant to say "wincest", which is a common, if tasteless, Internet term combining the words "win" or "winning" with "incest". Grammar nazi fail.

k8thegrrr8 5

They might actually be referring to something from the show Supernatural. The two brothers last name is Winchester and people always ship them together, so it's called 'Wincest'.

Blackmail111 9

I always wondered, does the guy say "finish her" if it's a girl or does he still say "him".I wasn't paying attention when I was beating Maleena to a pulp.

porcupineattack1 5

Well let's hope he doesn't tell your parents " I saw her wrestling without clothes! And they wouldn't let me play!"

Or worse, he says that he "did get to play aswell" (before they stopped him)

That poor kid, he'll probably look back at it and be like 'Oh god... why?'

They were just wrestling in the style of the ancient Greeks.