By Leyla - Canada - Brampton

Get ready to rumble!

  Today, I was having sex with my boyfriend. We were under the covers, and my little brother thought we were wrestling, so he got on top of the covers and started "wrestling" with us. FML
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  zotler  |  5

It bothers me, too. If you have a little brother, surely you're not even going to want to have sex while he's in the house, let alone where he can apparently find you...

  Forlorn420  |  9

Well usually you expect family to respect your privacy. I guess it depends how old the little brother is. If he's like 10, he should know to not just barge in to peoples room

  b0ngs  |  7

they're probably horny teens who not only can't get it on somewhere else, but don't have the discretion not to do it when a little kid is around

  PlaidPanda  |  9

I'm a little sister, and when my siblings and I lived at home I accidentally waked in on my sister and now brother in law. Shit happens, people have sex at their parents house.


#46. My boyfriend doesn't have a lock either.. His room is built weird, so he can lay a camping chair in between the door and the wall, and you can't open it. That's his lock ;) lol everyone can have a lock, you just gotta be creative about it!

  jellycorn  |  13

Well, if the kid is 10, he probably knows that they aren't 'wrestling' as well as knowing not to barge into their room. The kid was probably around 4-8 years old.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

Not all bedroom doors have locks. Like my house, only the bathrooms do. OP should have not done it while her little brother was home though. They could have scared him of they were above the covers.

By  stormer461  |  13

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  Blackmail111  |  9

You know, people can choose not to "save" them selves for marriage so, just because you frown upon her not doing that doesn't make her a slut it makes you ignorant.

  GothicAngel17  |  24

7 - Wow, that's seriously the most ignorant, stupid comment I've read in a long time. Keep your bigoted opinions to yourself next time. Hope you get banned. Cheers :)

  k8thegrrr8  |  5

They might actually be referring to something from the show Supernatural. The two brothers last name is Winchester and people always ship them together, so it's called 'Wincest'.