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  nigrice  |  0

ydi for being retarded

  Denikk  |  0

Haha don't worry about it... I know it's awkward when something like this happens but as you said, you are both into eachother, so stuff like this doesn't really matter.

  Hi_Itz_Me  |  0

Today, I met this really cute girl. We were both really into each other. Everything was going great until she tried to convince me that she was a bear. Now I'm scared.. FML

  hcs4life21  |  0

108 - you mean "is"?

  Jammy01jams  |  2

I would have burst out laughing. What is wrong with everybody these days? That's effing hilarious. What did the nice, funny guys do? Hopefully not give you a douchebaggy look. Because then your impressions of him were wrong. lol

  Bakayarou_fml  |  0

She meant instead of saying her name, she burped accidentally.. lol @ everyone here trying to figure out the name!

  F2M2L  |  5

yeah fyl, you pronounced something wrong. oh no. just laugh it over and say it right! that is, if he didn't take it seriously. then you should just go with it

By  darkangel4700  |  0

I'm srry but how Is that an fml that would be my laugh of the day :) especially if I was the one to have said it if my name was briana I'd introduce myself as BREE BREE :)