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Today, I met a really nice guy. He was funny, handsome, and we were both into each other. He told me his name, and when I replied with mine, it came out sounding like "I'm a bear." FML
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Whenever I meet new people and they tell me their names, I repeat it in a demonic tone. "Hi, I'm Maddison." "MADDISON." :D

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baby_dee97 8
dummbrunette 0

Whenever I meet new people and they tell me their names, I repeat it in a demonic tone. "Hi, I'm Maddison." "MADDISON." :D

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Well if he was nice and funny like you said, that should have turned into one of those little giggle moments and you two would have laughed it off together.

MrFlintstone 5

Deloris........ so she had a few beers

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maybe he's into ***********?

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yes, 47, its from House Bunny.

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Haha don't worry about it... I know it's awkward when something like this happens but as you said, you are both into eachother, so stuff like this doesn't really matter.

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Glad you caught the movie reference! ;)

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I really want to know what her name is.. Annabel? Amber?

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Today, I met this really cute girl. We were both really into each other. Everything was going great until she tried to convince me that she was a bear. Now I'm scared.. FML

retarded isn't an insult, don't use it as one

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Hello DUMBBRUNETTE! YOUR SOLE IS MINE! *steals sole off your plate and runs like hell*

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108 - you mean "is"?

hcs4life21 0

108 - nevermind I reread the comment. my mistake

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I would have burst out laughing. What is wrong with everybody these days? That's effing hilarious. What did the nice, funny guys do? Hopefully not give you a douchebaggy look. Because then your impressions of him were wrong. lol

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introversion, intuition, feeling, judging

I'm Amber = I'm a bear. yea that sounds bout right

131: Sole is a fish and was spelt as intended. This is always why it was stolen off a plate. Eejits.

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if u use the term retarded in a derogatory way, it is in fact an insult...sorry to burst ur bubble retard

ah man, I wanna date a bear, lucky man.

Andr913 13

I bet it was something that was nothing like Jessica, or something.

bigfoot89 4

what does the thing written on the girls ass in ur dp say?!

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that house bunny thing is a voice that I've done for years!! it's funny to see them put it in the movie:)

I like how you just know :P that would make sense

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you are all wrong it is clearely debby

what kind of name could sound like I'm a bear?

She meant instead of saying her name, she burped accidentally.. lol @ everyone here trying to figure out the name!

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I got it! It sounds just like D'Brickashaw!!!

it could be robear like off of ny ink

agsilver 14

Lisa? karrie? I think those are plausible ?

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how does karrie(my name)sound like that?

no, your just extremely gross, not to mention retarded.

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29- it never said she burped?

First and last? Alma Beyer or something maybe? I know a guy with the last name Beyer

Fx13mz 7

So how is Charmin working for you?

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yeah fyl, you pronounced something wrong. oh no. just laugh it over and say it right! that is, if he didn't take it seriously. then you should just go with it

AsianCookie247 14

really?... really. facepalm.

ayooBrandon 12

Annabear doesn't really found like Ima bear

No, but it has the same number of syllables, where as 'Amber' does not. I can see how "I'm a bear" might bring it to mind.

no. it's "I'm amber". so it does have the same number of syllables.

TheMess16 3

I think the person that op met was a 5 year old, and ops name is Pedobear...

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I'm srry but how Is that an fml that would be my laugh of the day :) especially if I was the one to have said it if my name was briana I'd introduce myself as BREE BREE :)

ayooBrandon 12

just a complete fail on your part