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Today, after getting my wisdom teeth pulled, I woke up from a much needed nap realizing I should take my pain medication. My mother then told me she had thrown them out so I wouldn't get addicted and become a drug dealer. FML
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How can some parents be this stupid? It baffles me.

Let me throw out my computer so I don't become a **** star.


How can some parents be this stupid? It baffles me.

The dumber you are, the more likely you are to be ignorant of birth control. It's actually fairly intuitive...especially since we're all programmed to ****.

But he could have become a drug dealer!

You could contact your dr did and ask for a new prescription for it. Sure it sounds a little sketchy but regular tylenol really doesn't do the trick

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Well she's right in thinking that they are highly addictive. They are, I'm guessing you were prescribed hydrocodone which is EXTREMELY addictive. Most people do become addicted after using it for a legit reason because they take it too often and believe they still need it. You should really only use prescription pain meds if the pain is unbearable. Though she still shouldn't of thrown them out, she should've talked to you first. But mothers will be protective! Sorry OP FYL

They are only going to prescribe 40 5-500 Vicodin or so for wisdom teeth. Their supply would be gone far before they were addicted. Because as tolerance grows so do usage and that is just not very many pills

Fun fact: Chronic pain patients can be prescribed opiates and have a very low rate of addiction (around 2%). Now, OP's pain isn't chronic, but I happen to know from personal experience that if you are in legitimate pain, you tend to burn through opiates without getting particularly high and can handle much higher levels without developing a physical and/or mental dependency. If OP takes the medication as prescribed, there's no reason to assume s/he will develop an addiction. There's a reason s/he was given the medication. Being functional/not being in pain is sometimes quite important. Incidentally, depending on the surgery, it's quite possible she was just given low doses of codeine or tramadol, which aren't particularly addictive.

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I feel like I've read a similar FML on here before.

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Don't quite know why my comment was disliked when I was being realistic. I've seen too many people become addicted to pain killers when their first use was innocent enough, I'm in no way saying the OP didn't need these pain killers I'm simply stating if it can be avoided, avoid pain killers.

You do realise that prescription pain killers isn't something that doctors are keen on giving you if you don't need them?

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102- that is true in most cases but I know in my experience that my friends have been able to go to the doctor and simply say hey I think I need hydros or xannax etc. and the doctor will prescribe it without really knowing if its needed, many doctors give painkillers to people because they make a profit "the OxyContin express" highlights Florida's doctors illegally prescribing medicine, furthermore there is more than one way to get painkillers, they are as easy to find on the street as weed. Be wary of the major addictive properties of them, people think they're so safe because their legal but they can be deadly

You just summarized the movie "Idiocracy."

I've been taking Oxynorm (liquid oxycodone) for roughly three years to deal with chronic pain associated with endometriosis and juvenile cystic adenomyosis. People who are prescribed these things are well aware of their adverse effects. At least for me, it wasn't at all easy to get initially as doctors are weary of giving away opiates here (you need three different prescriptions). Generally, people who get this stuff do need it and only someone who is unaware of how debilitating pain is would dare to call it unnecessary or tell people not to take them. I'm sure we would all love to live a pain-free existence and not have to take them.

Thats not fair though. Just because some people get addicted, doesnt mean his mom should take away his painkillers. I had spinal surgery when I was 13 and NEEDED the oxycotin (I doubt I'm actually spelling this right) because without it I was screaming in pain. If I'm correct, I think my mom had to sign paperwork saying it was addictive and there was a possibility i could get addicted. If his mom had a problem with the addictive properties she should have denied the medicine in the first place; medicine is expensive. (By the way, I didnt get addicted to the medicine.)

i would imagine that, if the medication were THAT easy to become addicted to with just one or two, low-dosage uses, it wouldn't be legal to use as a pain medication. I had all four of my wisdom teeth cut out a few summers ago, and I was prescribed Hydrocodone Oxycontin (hopefully I spelled that correctly). I was given a full bottle of pills, with instructions to take them every four hours or so (at least, I'm fairly sure those were the instructions; it's been awhile). For me, the dosage didn't even come close to giving me a high; it dulled the pain and made me very sleepy, and that was about it. Pain medications affect everyone differently, but to throw out your child's much needed pain medication because you're paranoid is absolutely ridiculous. I would have been absolutely and utterly miserable with pain if I hadn't had my medication. I definitely feel for you, OP.

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As a FML grandpa I remember it too...

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At #90. The problem is that the Op didn't get to use painkillers. The mom's logic is like-stop rabid dog attacks by shooting puppies. U should give dogs a chance to live before putting them to sleep. In this case it's a "let the pain stop then determine if the Op gets addicted"

@90 people need painkillers because they're in pain! Besides, painkillers is a vague term, over-the-counter drugs like Ideprofine (can't spell it), or Tylenol are technically painkillers but are generally pretty harmless. Then you have really strong painkillers like Morphine (which can't even be prescribed outside of the hospital because it's so strong and addicting.) I have a low pain tolerance so I need larger doses of pain medication than most people. Without painkillers, many people (especially those who have chronic pain) wouldn't be able to function properly and would suffer.

Naw, I'm gonna guess she didn't actually throw them out; She just needed some extra cash herself, and figured kill two birds with one pill bottle.

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Well in her defense I have heard of some people getting addicted to Vicodin after being prescribed to it. But she could have managed your pills instead of throwing them out....a parents paranoia I tell you

People using narcotics short-term post-operatively RARELY get addicted. I was on morphine for two years while waiting for a second surgery, and even though my body built up a resistance and I would experience some nasty withdrawal if I forgot to take my pills, I was not 'addicted' to them. A physical addiction is easy to break - I weaned off the meds, I'm fine now. It's a whole other kettle of fish to be psychologically addicted to something.

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By definition, if you would suffer withdrawal symptoms, then you WERE addicted to the medication.

#23 she said it was a PHYSICAL addiction. She never said she was not addicted.

Firstly, if you're taking your pills as prescribed, it's highly unlikely you will become addicted to them. Secondly, you only need to take pain killers for a few days after wisdom teeth removal. That is not long enough to develop a dependance on them.

Adding to #46 - Vicodin is RARELY prescribed for wisdom teeth removal. The most I got was Tylenol 300, which is the most common prescription for wisdom teeth removal at least where I'm from. Vicodin seems a little... Excessive for teeth extractions.

Grow a pair and you don't need them all my wisdom teethe were about as impacted as possible and I never took a single painkiller after

I was prescribed Vicodin when I had my wisdom teeth pulled, but I only took one dose. It made me so drowsy I couldn't stay awake and so nauseous I threw up. It was so terrible I chose to just deal with the pain of the oral surgery rather than the side effects of Vicodin. Honesty, I don't understand why people take that drug for "recreation." I guess it must have a drastically different effect on some people.

57 - Don't call us out for needing the painkillers, some of us can't sleep when in pain, period. While I'm impressed that you toughed it out there is no need to be a jerk about it.

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I have all 4 of mine cut out because they were impacted & was prescribed Vicodin. Only a few days worth but it still does get given to people for teeth.

#23 Using that logic I am addicted to my antidepressant and my blood pressure medication I had major neck surgery when I was 17. I had a fairly useless Dr and I didn't know to ask for pain relief, my recovery took 3 months. 2 years later I had the same surgery again, this time with adequate pain relief. My recovery took 2 weeks. You need proper pain relief to recover properly. Having my impacted wisdom teeth out was one of the most painful surgeries I have had, and I have had a few. My sympathies are with you OP.

I was prescribed Vicodin when my wisdom teeth were pulled but the dosage was only high enough to knock out the pain. There was no secondary gain whatsoever.

I've been both psychologically and physically addicted to different substances, and I can say a mental addiction is much easier than a physical one. With mental addiction you know deep down you can quit and it won't harm you... with physical addiction, you become desperate very quickly to avoid with drawl bc its after effects can be felt for months afterward depending on what you were taking and cause real pain and discomfort - with drawl can be deadly depending on the substance and amount taken for an extended period -. My mental addiction was an illegal one, my physical addiction was a legal script over 2 years and I can honestly tell you I will never take an opiate regularly again. I do sometimes take my prescription when in severe pain, but would rather be clear headed, and most days push through the pain. A physical addiction means that your body is dependent on those drugs to function, mind over matter does not apply, a mental addiction simply takes willpower.

I was given pain medication when I had my wisdom teeth removed, and I didn't become addicted.

They're free if you dig through the trash and find them.

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Twenty bucks, little man. Put that shiz in my hand.

*holds up bat* This will work just as well if you want to sleep.

Sounds a little sketchy! But you've got to do what you've got to do. Parents get way to easily paranoid.

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So, she's afraid of you becoming a pain medication dealer.

Depending on the medication there are other side effects that get you "high". Particularly with the stronger ones. Although with ones for wisdom teeth I doubt it.

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Oh you know, just casually gonna let my child be in excruciating amounts of pain because clearly he/she is going to become a hardcore drug dealer if I let them have the prescribed pain meds. Mom logic..

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Clearly the only crack head in this situation is mum...

Not that painful they had to break my jaw repeadly to remove my wisdom teeth and I never took any any of my prescribed painkillers just sick it up

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Watch out, we got a badass over here...

Let me throw out my computer so I don't become a **** star.

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sounds like mommy dearest had some alterior motives with those pain pills, I highly doubt she threw them out.

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That's terrible. My wisdom tooth extraction was the worst pain I ever felt and that's WITH the pain killers. Good luck OP. Puddings and Top Ramen will be your best friends! Good luck.