By junior - United States
  Today, I was with my girlfriend, thinking we were alone in the house. Her little brother found us having sex on the couch, took a pic and said, "You are now both my slaves." He ran upstairs and locked his bedroom door. FML
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  tonythatiger  |  0

now u must kill him dispose of his body in your neighbors backyard.. then drug your girlfriend and tie her to ur brothers corpse an flee to Mexico without ever looking back

  fyllx10  |  0

LOOOOOL this actually made me laugh. YDI for having it on the couch and not
somewhere private, but FYL cause now you're a little kids slave. Hahahaha

  bombtastic  |  10

60, when you start having sex, or if you already do, sometimes you need a change of scenery, as posted in previous fmls by other commenters. hence why many people tend to get caught because their hormones got the best of them. but the kiddo is badass. If you don't want 'em op, I'll take him. :)!

  Danielt104  |  6

Destroy the evidence OR tell your parents before he does. Sure you'll be in trouble, but so will he for not telling them. Of course that's only a last resort

  d4m4s74  |  12

The terms "extortion" and "blackmail" are terms routinely used interchangeably, but they are distinct concepts. Extortion means forcing someone to do something, usually give up something valuable under threats of injury, death or other illegal harm. Blackmail means specifically obtaining something of value under the threat to disclose something shameful or disreputable about a person. This can be true even if it would not have been illegal to simply make the reputation-damaging information public.

  haleylynn24  |  0

people also don't think of std's or have any morals or values for that matter. i'm only 15 and I'm disgusted with all the people that are my age doing this and drugs. including people at my Christian-catholic high school. !

  MrLefty  |  8

yeah really. OP, NEVER on the couch. When its not your own house with your girlfriend that you own, only in the bedroom. YDI for thinking it was safe to have sex on the couch