By junior - 11/04/2010 08:11 - United States

Today, I was with my girlfriend, thinking we were alone in the house. Her little brother found us having sex on the couch, took a pic and said, "You are now both my slaves." He ran upstairs and locked his bedroom door. FML
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And what a smart little brother she has!! lol Blackmail is fun.

YDI, as you didn't check all around the house. Now, the kid is going to start a **** website, with your picture on the first page. Good Job!!! THREADJACKERS WELCOME


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I like this kid! hahahaha he sounds like a co brother.

aHAHAHAHA!!! that's too funny to be an FML!

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now u must kill him dispose of his body in your neighbors backyard.. then drug your girlfriend and tie her to ur brothers corpse an flee to Mexico without ever looking back

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should have ask if he wanted in

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YDI for havin sex. Don't you know better than to do it when little kids are around? -Note I know they dent do it right in front of the kid...but still-

LOOOOOL this actually made me laugh. YDI for having it on the couch and not somewhere private, but FYL cause now you're a little kids slave. Hahahaha

LMAO that kid is smart. YDI! you should not subject young kids to such acts anyway. Be more careful next time!

if u read it correctly they thought they were alone

and that's why I said be more careful!! they obviously didn't check properly!

err I did read it correctly and that's why I said they should be more careful next time because they obviously didn't check properly if at all!

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dats funny... lol sounds like sumthin i wud do wen i was lil ^.^ jk

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NICEEEEEE I wouldve done the same thing when I was younger but my sibling could never get laid...

How does everyone on FML get caught having sex when they think that nobodys home??? Go into a room with a lock on it's door.

haha this kid is awesome!!! hah next time get a room

haha that's awesome.. you 2 are so owned.

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at least she can do it.. now go back to ur little corner

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if it was locked it woudlnt be a fml idioy

hey atleast he didn't go ********** over it. wait he did lock his door O.o

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bahahahahhaha, I love your bro. genius. you really shouldve checked more carefully tho.

well from my experience kids from private/religious schools are much crazier in that sense than in public school. it's pretty ridiculous.

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lol this kid is an evil genious and I admire him!

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hahah yup but he wouldn't have done much damaqe

Samantha, you're a gorgeous godess. I want to be at your feet forever.

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well, did op become slave to him? Did he ask for a threesome?

60, when you start having sex, or if you already do, sometimes you need a change of scenery, as posted in previous fmls by other commenters. hence why many people tend to get caught because their hormones got the best of them. but the kiddo is badass. If you don't want 'em op, I'll take him. :)!

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She got ****** in more ways than one.

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lol hilarious That's happened to me as well

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ydi. assuming makes an ass out of u and me.

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Destroy the evidence OR tell your parents before he does. Sure you'll be in trouble, but so will he for not telling them. Of course that's only a last resort

I wish that kid was my brother, haha. What a smart little guy. OP, at least you're getting laid!

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I want to know that too. Probably around 12?

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BTW: My comment was a response to the person asking how old the kid was.

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OMFG you just got ******* owned by your lil brother.....epic ownage

they should have atleast CHECKED if anyone was home instead of assuming. YDI

"You're my slaves,"? kinky kid you got there


22they thought there was no one home stuop jkjk

AZ ROX! lol thot I had to say tht but nice kid lmfao

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you nasty ****. that's incest unless he's gay. go kill yourself for that.

Wait! 18! You gotta grab your trusty leaf blower! The border patrol won't let you pass without it!


Nicole, if you were my sister i'd **** you (:

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I know. This kid's going places in life. I see extortion, blackmail and more.

Isn't extortion and blackmail the same thing?

The terms "extortion" and "blackmail" are terms routinely used interchangeably, but they are distinct concepts. Extortion means forcing someone to do something, usually give up something valuable under threats of injury, death or other illegal harm. Blackmail means specifically obtaining something of value under the threat to disclose something shameful or disreputable about a person. This can be true even if it would not have been illegal to simply make the reputation-damaging information public.

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why are so many kids doing it these days

bc they don't think of the children that follow from that act. they think of the fun and nothing more.

people also don't think of std's or have any morals or values for that matter. i'm only 15 and I'm disgusted with all the people that are my age doing this and drugs. including people at my Christian-catholic high school. !

so you're christian huh? what are you doing judging people then?

YDI, as you didn't check all around the house. Now, the kid is going to start a **** website, with your picture on the first page. Good Job!!! THREADJACKERS WELCOME

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ehh that wasn't really thread jacking, because it's related to the comment.

And what a smart little brother she has!! lol Blackmail is fun.

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just get ur gf to give him head

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should have asked if he wanted to **** ur gf

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Eew. That's the girl's little brother you sick s.o.b.

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hhahahahahaha ydi for not reading it right

what if he read it correctly and is simply a pedo living in a basement o.0

What if I told you he is just a pedophile.

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haha , YDI . go little brother :P ya'll should know better than to om the couch , ha .

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yeah really. OP, NEVER on the couch. When its not your own house with your girlfriend that you own, only in the bedroom. YDI for thinking it was safe to have sex on the couch

I wonder wat he's gonna do with the picture..... LMFAO