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By Username - 23/03/2011 16:16 - Japan

Today, I quit my job and sent a mass mail on Facebook that I was moving to a different state with my long time boyfriend. He called me later that night to tell me we aren't moving after all. Now we are both jobless with loads of bills to pay by the end of the month. FML
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You totally deserve it, no matter what the situation is, you shouldn't have quit your job and sent a mass message until you had things finalized and concrete, such as a signed lease or mortgage and/or deposits or down payments paid. And based on what you wrote in your FML, things weren't set in stone beforehand. And you shouldn't really move without making sure you have a job in the place that you are moving to. What makes you a jackass even more is, if you're planning to make such a big move you should have COMFORT MONEY SAVED IN THE BANK just in case the move doesn't go smoothly. That comfort money should be more than enough to help you pay your bills at the end of the month and have enough left over so that you're not submitting FMLs. Things like this need to be thought out and planned well in advance, OP, because life is not perfect as you now know...


Hot confused with the Japan and States and all. -.-

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you're retarded for running away. Oh, and the bills are your fault too. Can't afford to live? Start throwing out expensive habits.

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and how are u moving to a "different state" u live in japan dumbass...YDI

Obvious thread jacking by comment #96. They weren't necessarily "Running away" and the bills that they now can't pay may not have been an issue had the OP actually moved as she had intended. I agree that she deserves it though but only because she should have been positive about the moving before quitting her job and sending out a mass e-mail.

104, They are saying state because it is a close enough translation for what the Japanese have - prefectures. If the OP had written prefecture, people without knowledge of Japan wouldn't have understood what they were talking about. Doesn't really make them a dumbass huh?

Never mind what I had here someone else said it before me. The site is doing that thing again where it won't let me post everything all in one comment. I don't know why that happens.

He be pimp and you be working the corners?

He be pimp and you be working the corners?

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Glad you guys are doing well. (:

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Who's the dumbass? A) OP B) Boyfriend C) Mom for giving birth to OP D) All of the above

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without a dought a ydi. did u even think ahead

guys you do know most of the Japanese are moving out because of the nuclear crisis right? she has to move or face nuclear contamination,(see her country).

I'm fairly certain that had her reason for moving been the nuclear crisis she would have put that in the FML. That part would be the biggest FML here.

^very logical, although fhl if she is moving for that

What do you get when you cross a taco and a waffle? Her^^

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that's sick, she's like 14...oh wait I get the joke now :-)

It is a fail but like a fail version of "Fun with Dick & Jane" the movie not the book.

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Maybe you should've waited until you both were for sure on the matter because apparently your boyfriend wasn't.

It sounds like they were both sure about moving. OP implied her bf had quit his job in anticipation, too. OP, if neither of you had another source of income lined up, how did you expect to pay the bills at the end of the month even if you did move. Sorry but YDI.

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What I got from it is that he was already jobless. I don't see anywhere in there where it says he made the same mistake she did.

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Yeah dude, Massachusetts for example. Sheesh.

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It's the USN. (Figure it out. Not the US Navy.)

60 - everyone ur just bein *****... it wasnt that bad

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#60 - It was a joke. OP mentioned moving out of state but the location says Japan. Get it?

awrite jess... btw gonna call me ryan... i still donno why i made ma username gayboii lol

I was going to comment on this as well. Why didn't she say prefectures? No one in Japan, foreigner or otherwise calls them states. It's just ... fishy.

For the benefit of clarity? Which is the more common term in English, particularly for someone speaking it as a second language? State, or Prefecture? It helps to think things through before making hasty accusations.

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Buy a shotgun then be "The hobo with a shotgun" Oh and FYL.

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Different state? But you're in Japan? I'm a little confused...

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Shut up. You give pens ********. *Points and laughs*

Leave gayboii alone!! He's a human being!!

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26, all the more reason to eat his soul. Lol gayboii, you ****** up big time by letting yourself known as the one who posted that pen ******* FML. They will never let you live this one down.

aye ano... i havent commented oan a post withoot sumone bringing it up yet FML

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there are worse things he could've done than give his pen a *******. so shut up, because it's getting old real fast.

clearly no one here likes me very much ):

I'm kinda with Meena on this one. I think the fact that someone that submitted an FML also sometimes comments on them has been noted, and we can all move on.

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63: because they have nothing better to do.

ugh ma comments never go in the rite fukkin place

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64, yes, that is exactly the reason. It is also the reason I frequent this site. Thank you, my fellow FMLers; your opinions are valued. I, however, think it is funny that he replies to everyone who says something about it every time without fail, and I find the way he spells things quite atrocious. Now that my reasoning has been justified, I bid you all adieu. *Bows out*

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hey the ink on this pen isn't working can u help me out gayboi?

I just want to say gayboii that I have no issues with you. I appreciated the laugh that your FML gave me and I accept that sometimes people do things that can be bizarrely misinterpreted.

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11, this is your FML?.. I'm confused.. But I like you(: And I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that you're not gay, so don't let these dumb people get to you(: And if you are, still don't let them get to you.

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118: no, his was a different one.

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#37 -Looks like you have another FML to write then.

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haha aww cuttie it's ok... everybody does silly stuff... nbd :)

gayboii, you type like an idiot. stop it.

gayboii you're awesome don't let them get to you, plus I think most people here are just joking with you just for the hell of it :-)

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Sounds like a sketchy situation... hahah

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more like a sticky situation.... rite?.... guys.... anyone *sigh*

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You really shut me down on that one 56....nice try