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  MrPacMan36  |  4

Wondering the same thing...... :I

  KaySL  |  24

#126: Maybe if you spent less time dick-riding the first post just to get your idiotic comment to the top of the page, and more time either using your brain or reading the other comments, you'd realise that it's very likely the kid's socks were wet as well as cold. Now, if you don't see the health dangers of that, then perhaps you're the one who needs to be institutionalised, or sent back to elementary school.

  auriane_fml  |  19

@ 10 Read the fml again. The child did exactly what the mother said. It wasn't his fault that the mother wasn't clear about where to blow his nose. The child was also really tired.

The op should be glad that she didn't say: take your socks of and use the toilet. That would have been an even bigger mess.

By  hollyman  |  0

Haha that's an funny fml and a epic fail!

  Right_Click  |  12

However, I fail to see how this is in -any- way an FML for the OPs life. Okay, her kid used her sock to blow her nose. Perhaps it's best the OP doesn't know what teenage boys do with their socks...