By titoutou222 - 22/10/2011 12:40 - France

Today, my five-year-old daughter came home from school. It's cold and she was very tired. I said, "Take off your socks and blow your nose." She took off her socks and blew her nose into them. FML
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MrPacMan36 4

Wondering the same thing...... :I

I know right? I mean who doesn't blow their nose into their own socks then let mom clean it? :P

Whether this is an fml or not is snot the problem, the problem is that it socks that the mom has to clean it up

MizzErikaHart 8

If its cold y make her take her socks off?

LiveLaughFML 10

I don't see the tissue here. What your daughter did was adorable! :-)

hannahcorrine 0

Agree with 1. This just sounds like a cute mistake she made.

nonelikeworms 0
pitchblease 2

And it toes. Wash them, snot a problem.

flockz 19

its just a sock OP. im sure your emotions will eventually heel.

In france they have a half day on Wednesday and a half day on Saturday.

so your daughter comes home cold and your first response is "take off your socks"? have you been clinically diagnosed?

leogirl95 12

Be more clear in your directions then.

i think its reasonable to assume a five year old knows not to use a sock to blow their nose!

leogirl95 12 never know...children say and do the darnedest things :D

@ 10 Read the fml again. The child did exactly what the mother said. It wasn't his fault that the mother wasn't clear about where to blow his nose. The child was also really tired. The op should be glad that she didn't say: take your socks of and use the toilet. That would have been an even bigger mess.

Haha that's an funny fml and a epic fail!

bizarre_ftw 21

If this is epic, the world has failed

Wow u fail.... Honestly its a little kid u ass wipe.

13FTW 9

At least he didn't say "Take off your socks and shoes and blow me."

However, I fail to see how this is in -any- way an FML for the OPs life. Okay, her kid used her sock to blow her nose. Perhaps it's best the OP doesn't know what teenage boys do with their socks...

Just throw the damn thing in the washer

Yea that's what I do to my kids too when they do something bad.

Yea that's what I do to my kids too when they do something bad.

How exactly did she do anything bad? She's 5, it was an accident.

#57, shhh. You clearly missed the joke, sweetie.

erockinthesuburb 17

Think of all the money you'll save on Kleenex!

Too bad kleenex is .99$ and a thing of socks can be like 5-10$