By Oily - New Zealand
Today, my 7-year-old daughter came up to me in a noisy mall and said "boo-boo" pointing to her hand. Not paying enough attention, I kissed her hand to make her feel better. She grimaced and said "No dad, bird poo." FML
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  GabbyCharityM  |  0

It said in the FML that they were in a noisy mall. If you have a life and have ever been to a mall, you'd know how hard it is to hear people sometimes. OP was listening, but didn't hear correctly.

  Llama_Face89  |  33

It was in a loud mall...a kid saying bird poo can easily be mistaken for boo boo. Especially if the guy is paying attention to his kid and (I'm assuming) Christmas shopping.

  cosmosis  |  12

... Geezus! Another one!! In a NOISEY shopping centre with people and alot of background noise, and usually the soft voice of a child, bird poo can sound alot like boo boo!