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Today, my daughter went potty. Just as she always does, she came up to me and announced, "I flushed, and wiped, and shut the light off." Then she did something brand new. She covered my face with her hand and asked, "Do these fingers smell?" They did. FML
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  OCDC  |  9

No that's not normal, it's just annoying. I'm pretty sure I here those comments at least 50 times on each FML whenever someone makes a joke. Be more original.

  alex1432  |  9

This reminds me of that scene in scary movie where Doofie smells the other cops finger and tell him that's the smell when you know you've become a man. And he does the same thing and is like that's my ass.

By  DarkJoy_fml  |  5

Sounds like a child.....they're always up to something unexpected by their parents. Did you expect a walk in the park when you had children? If so then fuck your life indeed!