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Today, my daughter went potty. Just as she always does, she came up to me and announced, "I flushed, and wiped, and shut the light off." Then she did something brand new. She covered my face with her hand and asked, "Do these fingers smell?" They did. FML
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Did you teach her to wash her hands? If not, well, you know where I'm going with this.

LittleMonsterSam 5


LittleMonsterSam 5

No that's not normal, it's just annoying. I'm pretty sure I here those comments at least 50 times on each FML whenever someone makes a joke. Be more original.

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You here those comments? Do you also there those comments?

I know you'd like to think your shit don't stank, but lean a little bit closer see that roses really smell like poo-oo-oo

hahaha MissBunny. and 1, when I read that comment, I read it like the backround singers from Cee lo Green's song F**k you... and that made me giggle. lol

okay 54 I have to ask. are you from degrassi?!?!

This reminds me of that scene in scary movie where Doofie smells the other cops finger and tell him that's the smell when you know you've become a man. And he does the same thing and is like that's my ass.

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ur bond friend jessica shes my sis lol

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are you really?? there's no way

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HOLY ****!! There's a Chinese degrassi?!

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how did the conversation come from shit to degrassi?

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degrassi is shit lol I kid I kid

Did you teach her to wash her hands? If not, well, you know where I'm going with this.

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Yep. Sounds like a teaching and hygiene moment.

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She probably can't reach the sink on her own if she's that young.

*cough* anti-bacterial hand gel *cough* :)

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my brother is two and he can climb on the toilet, wipe, flush, get germ-x on, turn off the lights and the shut the door.

Haha I did that to my friend once. Good times.

Sounds like a child.....they're always up to something unexpected by their parents. Did you expect a walk in the park when you had children? If so then **** your life indeed!

She must've learned that from your husband.

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you must've of learned that from your boyfriend. oh wait you don't have one

90 yes that's me. I'm bi-winning over here with my tiger blood

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Oh don't forget to mention you're from mars!!

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he's died 4 TIMES since October! I'm surprised he's still alive! =

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"this ain't no a-bomb! it's just a rv crapper tank that some skateboarder slapped a biohazard sticker on!"

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