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Today, after searching for a job for over a year now, I finally got an interview. The pressure made me so nervous that I passed out in the middle of it. FML
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what was your answer to the "do you work well under pressure" question?


well that sucks. you could try and explain this to the interviewer?

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this FML sounds like something that would happen to me.

now that I think about it the tuxedos are kinda ****** up

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Yah Op I agree just explain it maybe he/she would understand and if not there is always something else out there! Ever heard the saying good things come to those who wait

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Unfortunately, so do bad things. The meek shall inherit the earth. They're too weak to refuse.

did anyone notice the typo?! he passed out in the middle of the it.

66- She meant what she said and she said what she meant. An OP is faithful, 100 percent.

looks Like someone needs stress medication

24- you realize that Red bull doesn't give you wings it clots your veins.

Sorry I was supposed to say 44 not 24.

77 so those bumps on my back aren't wings starting to grow?

what was your answer to the "do you work well under pressure" question?

OP you should tell him/her that you passed out from him/hers good looks. that should et you the job:)

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You passed out from the "pressure" of a job interview? Just go get a prescription for Prozac and join the rest of the twerps that can't handle reality without medication.

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With that hat and judgement like mine, you should be in Prozac, twerp.

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2- As a lawyer would say "asked and answered"! My question is ... did the interviewer give you mouth to mouth? This could be good or very very bad!!

Well, get ready for another year of research.

It must suck passing out "in the middle of THE it"

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Yes, "the it". The reason OP passed out is primarily because s/he doesn't know how to string a proper sentence. Hence, s/he is illiterate.

Wow 28. That's a little extreme. It's obviously just a typo. I'm an English language teacher and a bit of a grammar Nazi as a result (though I rarely comment on it unless the person is obnoxious) and would never assume OP was illiterate or couldn't string together a sentence based on this typo. And since it's my job to actually make determinations like that, I'd say you're being a little ridiculous.

And just for the record, the correct idiom you were looking for was "string TOGETHER a proper sentence". Seems you forgot a word there as "string a proper sentence" is not a proper sentence. Based on your logic, and the fact that you made a very similar typo, should we assume you're illiterate?

You guys aren't getting it. She saw the clown from "The It" in the office and was so scared that she passed out.

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its okay. theres other jobs

you don't hyperventilate when you pass out. I just thought I'd point that out for you.

Pass out because you hyperventilate?