By Anonymous / Thursday 19 May 2011 05:58 / United States
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  PurpleRae420  |  0

Yah Op I agree just explain it maybe he/she would understand and if not there is always something else out there! Ever heard the saying good things come to those who wait

  Krajjan  |  9

You passed out from the "pressure" of a job interview? Just go get a prescription for Prozac and join the rest of the twerps that can't handle reality without medication.

  justsomgirl  |  4

Wow 28. That's a little extreme. It's obviously just a typo. I'm an English language teacher and a bit of a grammar Nazi as a result (though I rarely comment on it unless the person is obnoxious) and would never assume OP was illiterate or couldn't string together a sentence based on this typo. And since it's my job to actually make determinations like that, I'd say you're being a little ridiculous.

  justsomgirl  |  4

And just for the record, the correct idiom you were looking for was "string TOGETHER a proper sentence". Seems you forgot a word there as "string a proper sentence" is not a proper sentence. Based on your logic, and the fact that you made a very similar typo, should we assume you're illiterate?

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