By me - 23/10/2011 02:06 - United States

Today, I came home from work to my 3 year old daughter sniffing the rug in the living room. When I asked her what she was doing she said "Daddy smell this." So I went, got on my knees and bent down to smell it and she pushed my face in the dog crap smeared in the rug. FML
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The "Most Original Comment" award goes to...

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You're just butthurt you didn't get first.

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I'm more butthurt you find that joke amusing.

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Oh well. Maybe my comment stinks, but my hopes haven't gone down the toilet..

Know what else stinks? When all your teeth fall out do to the lack of brushing.. Take the hint.

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#33 - That's harsh. Very harsh. Not cool.

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2-did your face catch on fire and the someone try to put it out with a crowbar?

That's a sh- NO I remember what happened last time!!!!

her teeth really aren't that bad its just a bit of a bad angle and what do you care how her teeth look way to be dick

#33. YOU! must be hinting that all of your teeth have fallen that shit really stinks (:

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Your daughter will grow up to be awesome.

Children. Aren't they just precious...

OP's daughter reminds me of Stewie from family guy

Ops my autocorrect changed stewie to stepwise... The joys of an iPhone. I'm going to have to beat Siri again

Just got trolled by a 3 year old. Be ashamed. Be very ashamed.

This is one of the few FMLs that made me laugh out loud. I burst out laughing. FYL OP. sorry.

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How exactly did she pull that off? You would to have seen the poo... Guess we all have bad days? Nah, you deserved it! ^_^

She's pure genius, that's why she managed to pull it off

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That sux he does not deserve it poor guy why do u guys have to be so mean

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Ahhhh I see what u did there!!! ;)

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Wonder what goes on in your household for her to figure out how to make that happen...

Wife and daughter collaborating... Or good ole' cartoons putting it in her head. Either way, job well done. =)

That doesn't happen in cartoons..Just sayin'

That doesn't happen in cartoons..Just sayin'

hahaha she is a devious one, imagine her at age 16...oh fyl for sure...fyl haha