By espylone - 17/12/2011 15:42 - France

Today, my five-year-old daughter told me she was going to throw up. I told her to rush to the bathroom. I followed her a few seconds later, only to find her sitting on the toilet and vomiting onto the floor. FML
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LOL. Well you can't blame her. She's only 5.


n_epic_fail 14

She's only 5...

I wouldn't find that annoying at all seeing as your child is sick. The floor would be my last worry

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You should be more specific when instructing your 5 year old.

Better there than on the carpet. Get well soon. :(

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Same thing happened to me at my babysitter when I was about 4 or 5 too haha

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Define cute.

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Are you familiar with 5 year olds? They throw up a lot. Overeating at dinner, more exciting then normal rides, whatever. Kids puke.

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You stole my profile pic! D=

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121- According to your name, you're the poser.

not cute at all

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Shouldn't you have followed her into the bathroom and taken care? Maybe then she would have thrown up into the toilet and had the comfort of her parent there?

Hey! I commented first so I rlly had the profile pic first. So you stole my profile pic D=

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145- she did follow. She only came in a few seconds after her daughter

LOL. Well you can't blame her. She's only 5.

Plus she did listen maybe next time tell her to throw up in the toilet

*meme* close enough

I hate when little kids do that

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She, she listened.

Sinamoi 18

Please excuse my text studder, I ment "Hey,"


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It still makes sense

Sinamoi 18

Yes, my poor public grade education led not only to my fairly simple mistake, but to my honest correction below it. Typos happen; it's fact of life.

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Well, at least she listened to you. Hope she gets better.

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Oo that sucks. At least she didnt have diarrhea on top of that

With the toilet seat down.

Funny how this comment has 30 dislikes (one from me) but when the comment above specifies with the toilet seat down 67 people including myself give it a thumbs up

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^ Exactly. Kids are a lot like computers, you need to tell them exactly what to do or they could unknowingly do something wrong. It's also kind of like that Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Instructions assignment that tech/engineering teachers love to give out.

Care to elaborate?

I don't think she had a lot of time to specify.

52- There is this thing that alot of Science teachers do where you are told to write instructions to making a PB&J, and they take everything you say literally.

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You did only tell here to go in the bathroom. At least she listens really good.

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She listens good-like.

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Well** please?

44 whatever welly-two-shoes.

You should have told her to throw up in the toilet. She's only 5. But lucky she listened to you. Somewhat.

At least it wasn't on the carpet!

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Sounds like something I would have done when I was younger

Lol, I actually did the exact same thing when I was about five.

Lol, my 5 year old daughter was standing right in front of the toilet saying she was going to throw up, then she leaned over and threw up in the trash can NEXT to the toilet. Got all over the wall and everything. So fun!