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Today, I saw a father and son playing football in a car park as I was on my way to work. The ball rolled towards me, so feeling nice, I kicked it back to them. Turns out it went straight through their car window. FML
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Sometimes, being nice doesn't work out...


lexxiii 17

Sometimes, being nice doesn't work out...

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Is this why soccer players rarely score goals?

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football as in football or football as in soccer?

Dont hate on soccer... Its the most watched and played sport ever... Its international... And btw if its soccer its called futbol and if its football its soccer...

69,American football is called just that,American football...Futbol is Spanish,spare an accent mark. Soccer is only used in the US for what is traditionally called football.

Actually im not in spanish class and dont have to be to know that soccer is the most popular sport in the world right now. So **** you for the stupid ass remark on hispanics...

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69- what's with your picture you look like a girl version of Justin beiber and that's not a good thing...

94-That's because it is Justin Beiber just photoshopped on a girls body. U stoopid?

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Why anyone would want that as a profile pic is beyond me

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Take it easy bacon. Chillax! I couldn't see that because I'm on my phone. I'm not the stupid one got it.... Interesting pic for a profile

I'm on my phone too and I can clearly see that it is photoshopped. Are my eyes good or are yours just really bad?

ok people you need to really stop taking this comment thing so seriously

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Bacon dude get off your high horse already

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116- I'm on my iPod and I can see that. You need glasses my dear.

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Again calm down ppl it was an honest mistake

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Regular Football is called fútbol americano. Soccer is called fútbol in spanish countries.

my iPod has double the screen size than my phone, and I can't pull up pictures on my phone either. And no one denied that soccer isn't the most watched, or moat played (although it is widely played, partly because of the easy to learn rules, and, no offense intended, it is particularily less expensive to set up a soccer feild and play than most other popular sports, a main reason it is popular in Africa and other such places. don't call me racist or sterotypical, I have spoken to people from brazil, Africa, argentina, etc. and that was a bigger reason they didn't play American football, or hockey, because of a lack of funds to maintain places like that where they lived. so they all play soccer/football.) and it Is football/soccer, for the English speaking types, and futball, for the Spanish, but since this is an english forums, you are somewhat incorrect. Now shut the **** up and stop bitching at eacother.

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Did they get the football back?

Im wondering if they're playing american football or real football(soccer)

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An American football, yes, but you should have taken the clue that the OP said "car park" instead of "parking lot" and figured out it was a soccer ball.

18- you can play soccer or American football in a parking lot, either one works.

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36- perdix isn't saying you can't play either in a parking lot, he's pretty much saying that there's a good chance OP may be talking about soccer because Americans don't refer to soccer as "football" or a parking lot as a "car park".

36. - Yeah, but American footballs hardly roll, they usually bounce. Also, you wouldn't kick an American football, because it's not accurate unless it is propped up. Therefore, we can infer it's a soccer ball.

Seriously?! Football is a game played all over the world inc car parks... Its a small round thing lol. Youre thinking of being American and thinking they created the word football, its only soccer there but FOOTBALL for the entire world!

the blokes from Aussie, so it's soccer, throwing a foot ball isn't as easy as it seems. determining on the size of the football..

36 he was talking about what it was called not the location

You American every one calls it football then this genius country comes up with SOCCER meters are FEET Celcius is FAHRENHEIT America thinks it's sooooo smart

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You could've just handed it back to them.

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No he didn't. They say "gooool" in mexican/Spanish football leagues.

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Oh sorry :) I misunderstood then

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Thanks, but no I didn't. The original exclamation was in Spanish and it's spelled "gol."

Obviously.you are always right m'lord.gol it is.

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Wow u just made a contradiction ! U corrected his spelling but ur profile info says otherwise. Lol

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Haha u forgot the ending part goooooooool no no nooo

Op must have a strong foot for such an amazing GOLASOOOOOOOOOO

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Haha, I beat you by a minute, but mine is in Spanish where that originated.

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Wow I like your view perdix ; nice profile, great view!!!

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Exactly what I was going to say. You'd have to be the freaking hulk to break a car window with a ball. Would have believed house window.

See, that's why football players get paid such a shitload of money. There's some skill needed to kick the ball ;) If you come across a similar situation again, put down your bags, go sit on your knees and roll the ball back with your hands. That's the safest bet *grins*

I'm pretty sure their wages are high because they are earning a packet of money for the team owners. Who would pay to see a group of talentless nobodies?

Judging by the English Football Team, England does.