By King_of_hearts - United States - Plymouth
Today, my phone rang just seconds after I left a conference meeting to go use the restroom. It wouldn't have been a problem, except it seems one of my friends thought it would be funny to change my ringtone to a woman having an orgasm. FML
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  Alastor13X  |  8

I love the not listening to it idea... If only that worked 100% of the time. All these Damn stores and shopping centers playing the stuff like its going out of style, because it IS in fact going out of style. Then you have all these cuts for Bieber girls walking around with their cell phones blaring it, talking about cutting themselves more if he keeps doing drugs, or refuses their marriage proposal with no response AGAIN. What has happened to our youth..? Thank God doesn't play it while I shop, or I would have no escape.

  iAlissa  |  34

Miley was incredibly beautiful in my opinion. Seemed like she had a decent head on her shoulders when she was in her "Hannah Montana" years. Now I find her obnoxious and frightening

By  worldclassrager  |  39

The good thing is you were not in the meeting

Option one lock your phone
Option two change your friends (if you know which one) ringtone as well

Or if you can't put your finger on who it was just keep going until you get it