By jaymash - 22/10/2011 13:25 - United States

Today, I was giving a PowerPoint presentation in class. When I put my flash drive into the computer, my folder opened up and a nude picture of myself popped right up on a 110 inch projector screen for all 35 students to see. This is a 16 week course. FML
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rhpsfan9 10

How could you not know you had a naked picture of yourself on your flash drive

Why do you have nude pictures of yourself on a flash drive?


rhpsfan9 10

How could you not know you had a naked picture of yourself on your flash drive

great way to pass a course

I always imagine something like this happening when the projector shows a teacher's laptop screen.

Is the OP male or female? And judging by the way they worded it, it sounds like OP is the teacher.

Is the OP male or female? And judging by the way they worded it, it sounds like OP is the teacher.

Correction OP. You were GOING to give a presentation today.

JoshTheMaggot 8

They probably just gave an oral presentation after that :3

FLASHdrive. :D

Why can't this ever happen to me

flakitaa22 0

My eyes just went like O.o FYL OP! D:

Today class we are going to learn abot geology... *picpops up*... or the human body

And you took a naked pic because...?

stephy2lee 2

How does it sound like op's the teacher?

itsame0987 18

115. It sounds like op is the teacher because the op says all 35 students. If it was a student they would more than likely say my 35 classmates.

27, it did in ours! I had a lesson once where our teacher didn't realise his laptop screen was on the overhead projector and there was an awkward half hour where he thought we were copying work off the board but were actually reading his graphically worded emails to his boyfriend :/

How was that half an hour awkward? Obviously you were all having a blast. The awkwardness must have struck the teacher AFTER he realised what was going on. XD

Yeah but it's that kind of deliciously painful awkward where you can't not read it but you really don't want to know at the same time. This guy had to teach us for at least a year remember.. And meet our parents and everything.

"Today, I was typing up a love letter on my computer. A sexual love letter. I was in a classroom, I'm the teacher, I'm gay, and my love letter showed up on the tv screen while my 7th grade students were taking a test. It was up on the screen for 15 minutes. FML" ???

op said 'students' if op was a student it would've been classmates or something.

cooldukenukem 2

One of my teachers once plugged his laptop to the projector and the first thing that popped up when he opened a folder was a picture of a couple topless college girls.

Great way to get the students interest =]

Why do you have nude pictures of yourself on your flash drive

mylifepwnz 0

Why the FUCK do you have a nude picture of yourself on a flashdrive!?

minecraft_fml 4

You have to click and open it or have it set to open that pic on the computer...

233-there's no fucking need to swear.

jmashini 13

Never said I didn't know

I hope you're attractive! But seriously YDI for being so careless OP.

hellbilly205 17

How did the flash drive open to the naked picture of yourself? That is the real question.

As a doctor I have to say that, subconsciously, OP wanted this to happen.

Today is saturday, why would you be in school?

The_Troller 14

Stories usually take a while to get posted

Also, for some crazy mental reason, when people type 'today' at the beginning of an fml it actually was maybe a whole day or two after! Madness!

I didn't know that. I'm sorry for making a mistake?

PopRocks14 0

140- You must be new.

PopRocks14 0

*104, I'm a dumbass.

X3liteXHunterX 12

158- I'm the dumbass who actually looked for 140 for like 5 minutes to see what they said, before I noticed your correction.

Why do you have nude pictures of yourself on a flash drive?

NinaTatianna 9

real question... why do you have nude photos?? I mean, its one thing if you took one with a polariod that is immediately developed, but any pic that needs to be uploaded to a computer or is on a cell phone is not worth having. shit goes wrong with technology... things can be hacked into and reproduced and sent sooo easily.. you need to be smart.

NinaTatianna 9

alright. But you have control over the polariod and who can obtain it because it is a tangible thing. anything on your computer somebody can hack it and retrieve it from another location. files can be traced.

Sounds like OP needs a separate flash drive for school.

More like why dont YOU have a naked picture on a flash drive?! I do some of my best naked on solid state storage.

paradox2647 3

cause it's a FLASH drive

Sorry 138, but your comment is just too long to read. I'll just thumbs up.

First problem is, you don't know the special flash drive method.

I'm really rolling on the floor laughing my ass off to death... not

hannahcorrine 0

Well...did they like it?

well, if its a guy then since the screen was so big, his dick would be huge so...

DreBeezy 9

hopefully it wasn't too small that it appeared as bite sized

maybe 79 is trying to say that his dick is so small it could be bitten off

Byte is a computer word. He was trying to make a joke...

151- i actually found it really funny! LOL

Even if they did like it. It's not going to be a course anymore for OP. once that gets out, it's no more jobby

Hey, now you know why it's called a "flash" drive!

why would you have a naked pocture of yourself?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Why wouldn't you? Why would you have a clothed picture of yourself? Same shit.

6- why wouldn't you?

Some strange fetish maybe?

jmashini 13

Why wouldn't you?

Umm.. Awkward.

thejerk56 8

that's a good icebreaker.

Sounds like it's the only flash drive you insert into if you have nudes of yourself. :S Def FYL.

It seems thats the only flash drive you posses, therefore it makes sense you would use it to store nudes of yourself while inserted into a device. I'm confused. Definitely F YOUR LIFE. ***

The jokes on 10, I already know how to speak derp-anese.

Ok class now that we have that out of the way. On to the videos.