By crazydaughter - 12/04/2012 12:51 - Egypt

Today, I walked in on my daughter trying to blow-dry the sweat off her armpits instead of showering. FML
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nofearjenshere 12

Yes, because the heat from the blow dryer will not make her sweat more.

Someone needs a lesson on hygiene...


Someone needs a lesson on hygiene...

Well You see, sweat is great for cleaning. It enhances the pores making you very clean compared to beach rats.

At least she saves on water.

TheDrifter 23

Or a man with the right fetish. "Oh yeah baby, sweat for me like I just chased you across the playground." Too far?

11 - But at what cost?! WHAT COST?! She'll stink really bad, warn of boyfriends (good for OP's Dad I guess) and have a risk of some disease/infection maybe?

12- okay *creeply face and rapes your ass with a spoon* what? Its not THAT weird!

blackheart24 10

Sounds like OPs daughter has the proper makings of a hobo.

Tweekz14 5

26-hobos aren't fortunate enough to own blow dryers..

32 Even if a hobo did manage to buy a blow drier,what would they plug it into. Only a few cardboard boxes have power outlets.

Maybe she does need to learn about hygiene, but I'm sure she's GOT A GOOD REASON FOR TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT

kayla_ann0o 9

Like mother like daughter.

xoconnie 8

after gym class, some kids do this ALL the time! its gross, but it works.



BehindU 5


Smart daughter you have raised. At least she's saving on water thou.

Am I the only one who kind of wants to try this...? Yes? Oh...

xoconnie 8

she could have just changed her shirt if she was home! but other kids do this in my gym class lol sooo its no biggy

lukep135 6

Man fuck your life indeed! How do you manage to make it through the day?

nofearjenshere 12

Yes, because the heat from the blow dryer will not make her sweat more.

BehindU 5

Set the blow dryer on cold?

Little do you know about air drying. Have you been through a car wash? How do automatic car washes dry the car?

thejewishfuhrer 17

Cars don't sweat...

Some blow dryers have the option of "Cool". Which feels amazing.

Well showers are long and tiresome i can approve this fml.

I find showers relaxed and they certainly help even lose some stress and wake up :)

ThisIsMyReign 4

31 - Don't forget showers help you sober up.

5 - You're disgusting.

31, I must be doing it wrong then. Showering puts me to sleep.

PhishloverA 14

Wow #5 I must not know how to shower then because I take like 2 minute showers. That isn't long

I bet shes a big fan of it..

BehindU 5

You're full of hot air if you think anyone will understand your weak puns.

Wow that pun sucks! FYL

That is disgusting

That pun was almost as bad as OP's daughters armpit stench.

That's hm... different

xXxIracebethxXx 14

I think the word you're looking for is repulsive.

Somebody needs to get laid

RedPillSucks 31

With logic like that applied to the rest of her life, she'll go far. *no need to wipe after pooping, it takes too much effort*

I would hate to be around her when Aunt Flo comes to visit. She and her aunt will make your whole house smell like a fish market. Perhaps, leaving her out in the rain or when you're washing your car accidentally spraying her off with the hose or Febrezing the life out of her when she's not looking. For the sake of all those around with a sense of smell, try something! Anything!

I've done that before. With the cold setting. Sometimes there just isn't time...

It doesn't matter, you make time. I would rather take a shower and be late, than knowing I stink and be on time

twisted_cherub 14

So use a wet cloth and a little soap. It'll take less time than blow-drying your sweat away, and you won't smell again within a few minutes.

MissHayleyJames 7

Sometimes you can't make time. That's when you lather on deodorant and drive with the windows down.

#46 - Not gonna lie, I've done that waaaaaaaaaaay too many times.

That's when you drag her butt to the shower

Yeah I'm going to have to agree with Mike the Situation. Op that's just dirty, tell her ass to get in that shower.

You think you are funny, That was messed up, I didn't know who mike the situation was, I had to look him up. I think I'm better looking jk