By xXfloatingshitlogXx - 03/11/2012 16:04 - Norway - Jessheim

Today, my extremely overweight roommate decided to not only be a nudist, but also to get in shape for his new lifestyle. He's been doing naked lunges in our room for the last twenty minutes. FML
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brittanyrmh_ 12

Well, on the bright side, think about what he'll look like when he loses weight!

Leave candles all over the place.


Leave candles all over the place.

Well OP... if you can't beat em, join em

^ Honestly do you ever reply about the original comment or do you just try to get people to see your comments?

Yes I do. Thank you for your concern, though.

Okay, giant eyeball.

Giant green eyes. Aghh best compliment everrrr :3

Damn you just don't stop

I think he's running on energizer batteries. Somebody snipe the energizer bunny!

Ugh, why have i been assigned a Justin Bieber picture!?! >_

Pictures aren't "assigned"......

What if he enjoys that?

bach2121 13


HairyPunisher 27

I guess 2's a chubby chaser. Hey more power to you.

brittanyrmh_ 12

Well, on the bright side, think about what he'll look like when he loses weight!

I think he still doesn't want to see an only slightly obese guy exercising naked.

^ Screw not checking the gender before making an assuming comment :(

unknown_user5566 26

50- Regardless of the gender, you're right. I doubt she wants her male roommate prancing around the house naked, no matter what size he is.

Unless she's dating him, why is she roommates with a man?

60- so what you are saying is that men and women aren't allowed to save money together? If OP doesn't want to pay rent all by herself, God forbid that she does

*God forbid that she finds a roommate on the internet who happens to have a penis ( or other way around).

I always had male roommates, lived with my now ex-fiance, and I'm a female. Now I live alone but I didn't know people think it is an issue for opposite sexes to roommate together of they aren't a couple. I also agree with this thread that I don't think OP wants to see her roommate naked, even when he gets in shape.

I'm not saying its bad. I'm saying, if she has a issue with her male roommate exercising nude, than why dose she have a male roommate. I honestly wouldn't care if I had a male roommate and he was exercising nude but I would ask him to please do it someplace more privet like his room or the bathroom.

Well, at least he's trying.

Looks like you'll get used to wearing a blindfold pretty quick.

doglover100 28

At least he's trying to loose weight.

hippo1234 19

Loose is what his skin will be when he loses the weight ;)

"I went on the subway diet, ya know? Carbs are the enemy, ya know? Now I got all this loose skin, and my neck looks like a vagina!"

^ when that part of the movie happened, it was the first time I saw my dad literally fall over laughing.

This is truly a "fuck your life" moment. Sorry boss.

You know OP, your roommate is a real inspiration. You shouldn't be on here complaining, you should be encouraging him, joining in his efforts, even!

It's not a real inspiration to be that inconsiderate of your roommates. There's a time and a place for everything.

Oh for heavens sake, it really shouldn't be that difficult to see the dripping sarcasm! You fool! You foolish fool! >:(

offer him some french fries, he'll stop

Time for a new roommate?

Time to become a workout buddy!