By Bigpoppa0507 - 31/08/2011 14:02 - Canada

Today, while playing with bubble wrap, I dislocated my thumb. FML
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That takes skill

Clearly "playing with bubble wrap" is a euphemism for masturbation. Be more careful next time, big boy.


how did u do that? fail!

Bubble wrap is pretty fun... But dislocating your thumb is not...

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OP: 0 bubblewrap: 1

You are one unlucky person my friend.

nitewlf12 10

Next thing you know someone will cut off a finger with safety scissors.

25- not as hard as you think.. ;)

50, why is that emoticon winking? Was that a threat?

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Another tragic accident caused by bubble wrap. When will they learn?!

He thought bubble wrap would be enough protection to stop a car from dislocating his thumb by running it over

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I think it was worth it.

It takes skill to dislocate your thumb with bubble wrap, you should feel proud of your resourcefulness OP!

JDorable 2

at first my initial reaction was dumbfoundedness....until I realized that OP was from Canada, and then it all made sense. and yes I realize dumbfoundedness is not a word.

That takes skill

olpally 32

And stupidity...

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A whole lotta stupidity

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lol I love that game! but never got hurt playing it.... sorry op

op, you still finished popping all of it, right?

It didn't like being popped then?

The bubble wraps revenge!

"When Bubble Wrap Attacks!!!"

Clearly "playing with bubble wrap" is a euphemism for masturbation. Be more careful next time, big boy.

flockz 19

"pop pop no one sees me get freaky"

NoahStaz 3

It's actually, "Pop pop. Hope no one sees me, getting freaky. I'm nerdy in the extreme and whiter than sour cream."

Eggers 2

36 gets points for trying, 58 gets points for winning

decidedlyvague 11

I love that song especially the part "Pop pop. Sensual explosion. Pop pop. Oh wait. Shit, someone's at the door! Fuck! Dislocated my thumb in the drawer! Should've known there was a better place to hide it, I just hope I'm not black lighted." The way he breaks it down always gives me chills.

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How the **** did u Manage that

I think you are doing it wrong.

Pfft. As if that should stop you playing with it.

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Hey :)

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I can only conclude it was some form of metal bubble wrap...

Child! Lol I would do that too

You had to be THAT guy didn't you?

So now the Canadian government will force bubble-wrap manufacturers to include Warning Messages on their products. Because of dipshits like OP who abuse bubble-wrap.

RainbowHeadache 2

This is why we can't have nice things. :[

God definitely hates you.