By bym5052 - 15/07/2011 00:28 - United States

Today, I got into my first car accident. I side swiped the truck next to me merging into another lane. He was in my blind spot. It was a cop. FML
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flockz 19

dude i always know if there is a cop within one hundred feet of me at all times. pay better attention.


Achievement Unlocked Crash into a cop

or position your mirrors correctly so you don't have a blindspot - YDI for being a dumbass

I thought cars would always have a blind spot... hm

they do have blind spots. shoulder check only way to go

CharlieeMurphy 0

stupid kid, broncos are destined to be shittt forever now.

takeapieandrun 9

This is one of the first things I learned in drivers ed

Jammy01jams 2

Well he sort of deserves it for sitting in your blind spot. Blaming one person is only the bs way to get out of being at fault. My father taught me that bot being at fault is a lot harder than just not being in an accident in the first place, speed up or slow down if in someone's blind spot. Let's make the roads full of less idiots.

OP was merging into the next lane, incidentally containing a cop. It doesn't matter if he was "sitting" in his blind spot. OP is in the wrong in all cases. However, this begs the question: cops drive trucks now?

I see cops in SUVs all the time, which are essentially a truck, and some people call them that.

I've seen cop trucks outfitted for off road pursuits, and we have had them for years.

From the way it's worded Op has a big blind spot... "side swiped the truck next to me". Yes maybe you should move if you are in someone's blind spot.. if you both realize that's where you are and have the space to move. I don't know about you but when I'm driving I generally don't think about where I am in position to the car next to me as long as we both are in our lanes.

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-83 are you jealous you can't make one ;D

yea everyother police vehicle i see is a pickup.

tjv3 10

you never just rely on your mirrors you idiot, you head turns for a reason

msb before changing lanes! Mirror, Signal, BLINDSPOT! first thing you learn dumbass! ;)

Ouch. That must really suck, especially it being a cop.

hey look at the bright side you can now proudly say you have pulled the cop maneuver on a cop...

sky22_fml 7

Patrolling they trying to catch me ridin' dirty...

1215116a 14

Man you are white and nerdy.

alexg823 0

Can't you see i'm white and nerdy


ya, im just too white and nerdy!

flockz 19

dude i always know if there is a cop within one hundred feet of me at all times. pay better attention.

captainsuperdawg 0

seriously, if theres a cop behind me, i look in my rearview more than i watch the road

tsume24 3

that's probably not the best idea, 39...

proxxX069069 7

yeah whenever I see a cop my eyes kinda get glued to 'em. but it doesn't make me not pay as much attention to the road.

SceneRaver 0

agreed I can spot a cop from a mile away

foilindo 0

dude, you hit a truck and got a ticket. be glad you're still alive

dude, trucks generally are too big to hide completely in blind spots, so you probably didn't even check at all. rip your license up, noob.

That sucks. That's why you should always be aware of everything around you when driving. It could be worse though. You could have injured/killed the cop. I hope the cop wasn't a complete dick about it. I had an accident with an FBI agent in a government car... Not a pleasant experience.

iAmScrubs 19

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flockz 19

i cared... i thought it was a wonderful retelling of a life story. *tears up*

Incidentally, I cared, as well. And I started to care even more when I noticed your douche-y comment.

I thought it was a deep story. I care a lot too

I shed a manly tear over this perfect retelling of this tragic story.

Iknoweverything 29

I can honestly say I didn't care until you had to say something so stupid. Now I do. If you really want to prove that no one cares, just don't comment.

That has to suck, good luck in court with that one!

Iwashere12345 0

who said OP was going to court because of a car accident? o.o

raelynn00 4

bc the car accident they were in was with a cop that usually classifies as assaulting an officer even if accidental but I may b wrong

It does, my mother hit a cop, she had to go to court... lol

At least you didn't have to call the cops to report the accident lol

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