By jenpearl - 20/06/2015 01:06 - Australia

Today, I decided to do naked yoga in my lounge room, as I always do. Later, I found a note on my front door saying "Keep doing what you're doing". FML
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Well, maybe you should get curtains.. ?

Well are you gonna keep doing what you doing? =p


Well, maybe you should get curtains.. ?

or perhaps call the police... if OP has curtains then she has a serious stalker on her hands

as long as they match the drapes

leogachi 15

You mean carpet. @37

Unless OP has hardwood floors!

Imagine if instead the note said "You need to close your blinds ;)"

A07 48

That is what it technically meant

Well are you gonna keep doing what you doing? =p

Ted_brosby 4

I had the same question. Who is that in your profile pic

#46: that's Cassie. She's a singer / dancer / actress / I'm not really sure anymore

Jazilli 7

What a ******* pervert

Tbh, if he was actually a pervert (and had any brain cells), he wouldn't have said anything and just kept enjoying the view. Perhaps the person simply was having a little fun with the note. It doesn't take a genius to know that once you leave such a note, she will shut the blinds. #glasshalffull

Do you own curtains? Time to get some if you don't.. Or blinds or something. If you do: why would you do NAKED yoga with them open?

exhibitionist perhaps?

#24 if that was the case she would not be posting it on here because she would not care that she was being watched

Naked is the only way to go

Couldn't agree more

The only way to go as in get murdered by the peeping tom

you are 17... WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS? jk

Possibly on the same clothing optional beach? or sitting in lotus next to her?. You obviously have a dirty mind.

IridianShadow 20

You must be very attractive. Though I do recommend curtains or a new workout spot.

Or, you know, just wear clothes. ;)

You're living the dream.

That's creepy... definitely invest in some curtains

Well, you're doing something right