By hiccups - 03/11/2012 15:52 - United States - New York

Today, I had my first orgasm. I also came to the realization that whenever I orgasm I get an uncontrollable case of hiccups for at least half an hour afterwards. FML
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Well atleast everytime you get hiccups he knows you weren't faking it and that he did a good job. ;)

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Well being as how it was your first and only time so far, I wouldn't jump that far ahead and say that it will be that way every time op! Hiccups happen because you have a lack of oxygen in your body, I guess you just got a little too excited, and you might have been breathing too heavy.


Well atleast everytime you get hiccups he knows you weren't faking it and that he did a good job. ;)

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Yep OP's boyfriend is a lucky man, he gets a true confirmation on a well done job.

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Well whenever I ****** i get a bad case of uncontrollable tissuesandABCFamilyMovieSpecial-itus.

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Some people get uncontrollable sneezing, some even get terrible headaches. You're lucky it's only hiccups.

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What if the hiccups stop happening? OP's bf is gonna think she faked it even if she didn't.

How do you know there was a "he" involved or anyone else for that matter? Either way, I agree that more sample points are needed to prove the hypothesis.

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#43, is completely right, I get bad headaches every time I ******

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I think it's cute, and she's wasted on a man.

If you decide you don't want to give out that kind of confirmation drink something fast through a straw bent completely over. Sounds crazy but it usually gets rid of them for me. On the few occasions that didn't work a spoonful of peanut butter did. I hope for your sake this was a one time thing but if not good luck OP.

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I think it's worth the hiccups.

I have a technique that works well all the time. When you feel the hiccup about to happen try to swallow it. It always works for me. But it takes practice to get good at it.

...Interesting method... Do you practice a lot? XP

No I don't swallow anything but hiccups. Haha.

Eat a spoonful of sugar. I know it sounds weird, but trust me: it works

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A spoon full of sugar only helps the medicine go down!

Well at least you'll know for sure when you've had one? FYL, that really sucks.

*Inside OPs head* Hmm was that an ******? I can't really tell...

I dunno, maybe it's just me, but sometimes I can't tell. Not everyone has crazy awesome seizure orgasms x)

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If you can't tell, you didn't have one.

For some girls it's just a huge release, don't base all your sex knowledge off of ****

CharresBarkrey 15

I don't watch ****. Don't base all your assumptions on YOUR orgasms (which I honestly don't think are actually orgasms)

You're 16, you don't know what a true ****** is.

^ or minding your own business. Go tell a 13 year old they're too young for sex, at 16 someone in my state can get emancipated and live on their own, get a job and be independent (not that they would have a good life or even make it) but my point is, stop being so.. Old fashioned.

Depends on the country. In US - yes, too young, or at least in most US states. But for example here in CZ is the age of consent 15, so anyone being 16 CAN legally have sex. The problem that I, too, think that 16 is too early, is another thing. Our law allows it and you will NOT be in deep you know what for having sex with 16 yo - unless his/her angry father beats you :-)

I am talking about straight sex of course. I think that the AoC for gay sex is 18 yo here, but not sure.

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102- With all the complaints about humanity and how shitty it is, maybe we need a little old fashioned...

I am minding my own business. Littlemissgrace here aired her business with no provocation.

Not to thread jack, but 3, if your kegel (mis?) muscles are contracting without you making them (such as working them out to keep tight down there), that's when a woman has a ******.

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If u can't tell then ur probably not having one.

I'm not saying I can't tell, I'm saying my partner can't always. Just because I feel it doesn't mean it's a huge obvious thing. I misspoke when I said that I couldn't tell, I changed that sentence and messed up that part.

I honestly made an account just to state that "littlemissgrace", you are absolutely gorgeous. That is all.

Normally it's voiced when someone has an ******, therefore the partner knows. If you're not making even the slightest noise during climax, something's off such as not a true ******. You're very inexperienced at 16, and probably shouldn't even be having sex in my opinion.

^can you honestly tell me you were a vergin at my age if not then dont talk if so good for you altho not everyone wants that and you really shouldnt judge cus i doubt you would like to be judged about your choices

Stand on you head and drink some water after sex

That was...interesting to visualize. I think that would hurt your head, though. And you may choke on the water, unless you're a pro. If you know what I mean.

Another thing that helps hiccups is to chew gum. It forces you to alter your breathing by chewing, and helps to knock the hiccups out.

Actually all those things like chewing gum, standing on head, drinking water out of a certain side, and scaring someone, are all old wives tales. The reason people think they work is because you are then focusing your attention on something on something else, and THAT is what makes the hiccups go away. I always think about my grocery list, and when you are completely focused on something else, that's when they go.

58- Yeah, OP would have to be good at swallowing

with most chicks these days i wouldnt doubt it

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How can you base that on a single test? You have no evidence that you always get the hiccups just because you got them once, unless you've had more than 1 ****** and the FML is a lie.

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It says she had her first, not her only

nightowl713 25

Well being as how it was your first and only time so far, I wouldn't jump that far ahead and say that it will be that way every time op! Hiccups happen because you have a lack of oxygen in your body, I guess you just got a little too excited, and you might have been breathing too heavy.

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That's actually not true. Yawns are caused by lack of oxygen in the body, hiccups are caused by spasms in the diaphragm causing you to suck in air. When the air hits your voice box, it causes the "HIC" sound. The diaphragm can be irritated by eating too fast, and for many other reasons. When the diaphragm is irritated, it spasms and you hiccup.

15 is right, the diagram spasms in order to try to stop whatever is irritating it. I get hiccups when I eat spicy food. Though yawns are also triggered by multiple factors, not just lack of oxygen.

raraisbang 12

23, I know yawns are triggered by other things lol, just pointing out they'd gotten hiccups confused with yawns :P

While hiccups are caused diaphragm spasms, you can treat them by breathing into a paper bag, (to retain C02) so you're both right.

Well, strictly speaking, it should be a subscript 2, but FML doesn't allow that.

ACTUALLY, (haha) the cause of and why we yawn is actually unknown. Wikipedia isn't a factual or true source, it can be edited by anyone. Although the hiccuping mentioned by #15 is accurate.

idk about you guys but i yahn when im tired so i would bet its a signal to the conceous mind to try and go to sleep (which would explain why it makes us feel more tired) oh and am i the only one who yahned while reading this thread (idk probably considering it is 11:21)

If you have only orgasmed once, how do you know it's every time?

RedPillSucks 31

It has so far. Sample size of 1

Just because she had her first ****** "today," it doesn't mean she only did it once that day. I assume that she had a few, since she says "every time."

wildsweetchild 19

I think what she meant is that after she orgasmed the first time she had hiccups and then every time she orgasmed after that she had hiccups as well. It's called multiple orgasms ;)

I honestly don't understand why I'm getting thumbed down. If I said "Today I sat on my couch for the first time. I also realised that everytime I sit on it, it squeaks loudly." Why would that imply I only sat on it once? Couldn't it be possible I tried it a few times to make sure? And don't all FMLs have to say "today" at the beginning? In that case it doesn't mean her first time was actually today, and that she's confirmed this over a few days maybe. I'm sincerely asking, if someone could be as kind as to explain.

maemadness 2

Yes! I was waiting for someone to ask this.

Naw 42 your being too literal. I didn't thumbs you down, jus sayin..

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Not all FML's have to start with "today". And the likelihood that she had multiple orgasms on the same day she had her first irgasm is very unlikely. Almost like winning the lottery. Most women have to be pretty in tune with themselves to have multiples. That's probably why the thumbs down.

Regardless of whether or not it was her first ever ******, the fact that she pointed out that it was a first ****** and doesn't specify that she had more than one would logically mean she only had one that day, otherwise she'd be more likely to say "today I had multiple orgasms..." I'm inclined to believe that it was her first one ever because who the **** specifies daily orgasms?? There's nothing important about orgasms after you have the first one ever. So apply logic here. She's saying she had her first ****** and it gave her hiccups but her wording is otherwise lame because she's assuming all orgasms give her the hiccups. Logic!!

I was thinking exactly the same thing. It's like saying, «I drove for the first time today and I crashed. I then came to the conclusion I would crash everytime I drive from now on.»

I think you need to have more sex and test this theory.

UncleMuscles 5

When you say this, all I imagine is a doctor with a clipboard nodding and standing next to two people having sex.