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By talkingtoaretard - 25/01/2012 05:00 - United States

Today, I was talking dirty with someone on the phone, when at one point I said, "Oh yeah, you like that?" She responded, "I can't actually feel anything you know, we're just on the phone." FML
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Username of OP definitely describes the girl over the phone.

xSonic 9

^^ so does the FML Just in other words...

maybe you can tell her to shove the phone up her furry kitty o:

At least she isn't with anyone else and is being honest

well you can't blame her for telling the truth

I hope you used protection. Wouldn't want to get hearing AIDS ;)

GovernorGeneral 8

Lately, these fmls keep 'reminding' me about the old ones.... Or maybe its just the other side of the story...O.O

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Yea, we know OP. Your "someone"(girlfriend) made an FML last week... Funny you left out the laughter part.

Thats why I always say "would you like that" cuz then there is no way they can say something without being really bitchy xD

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OP was holding two phones...

ant2590 6

She needs practice in talking dirty

That's a mean looking mustache you got goin on there 2.

you were only looking at his mustache cause you couldn't see his bladder right? i love bear grylls but the piss jokes are entertaining....

I don't think I've EVER seen a bladder in a profile pic. I suppose DocBastard is bound to show us one sometime.

16- why are your comments always so lame?

you never know with Doc. haha, i don't care what people think...i just have fun on FML. douchebag

Yeah, the amount of hostility on this site is astonishing.

38, yeah, it really is. Yeah I say stupid things but it's just to kill time...i enjoy this app the most

My scouter says the hostility on this site is over 9000!!!

Rawr. I'm here to participate in the rage, Pentium, stop having such stupid comments, omg. :P

Aha! i sense whats going on. she's being anti-joke/thing on him. clever move mystery person, clever move

This. Of course she can't feel anythin, you're supposed to pretend. I'd say she's the one who screwed up here and not the guy, she failed at dirty talking. Hard.

Boofgall, I don't think you have any room to talk, what with you being so rude in approximately 90% of all your comments. Pentium has his good comments and his bad comments but for the most part I always enjoy them.

Or maybe she needs to learn to touch herself whilst talking about it..

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Way to kill the mood... and "liking" something doesn't mean you have to feel it

He should remind her about a cell phones vibrating function .

Careful with that phone sex, there's an outbreak among senior citizens of........ hearing aids

You should come back with; 'I know. I'm working on it'.

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I think the oddest thing about this is the 'someone' isn't classified. It could be a girlfriend, a phone actress, niece, who knows?

Maybe he just picked a random number out of the phonebook and tried his luck.

Yeah their position on the family tree is probably a little too close.

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8 I'm sure he wouldn't be talking dirty to his niece.

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OP: Mom! You've got to play along and get in the spirit of things.

OP I'm not gonna lie, it seems to me that you've potentially reached an all time low in your life if you're seeking pleasure with a random stranger through a telephone. I don't get it.

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Haha you get better at it the more you do it.

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Looks like you actually were talkingtoaretard. (hence the username).

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Well yeah, that'd be why they put the name.

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Every opportunity I get. You're spot on.