By poseidon5213 - 17/05/2012 22:02 - United States - Inglewood

Today, I started my job as one of those sign spinners. About an hour later, some people drove up, yelled, "Bitch, get off my corner," and threw water balloons at me. My boss made me keep working in the soaking wet outfit. FML
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easyprey 8

If you spin the sign fast enough maybe it would of dried you off

Those prostitutes are defensive of their corners!


easyprey 8

If you spin the sign fast enough maybe it would of dried you off

"One of those sign spinners". Sorry for being pedantic, but shouldn't you know your own job title?

luckyd880 12

How silly of him. "professional sign spinner"

He prefers the term "Advertising Motion Engineer."

thejewishfuhrer 17

If he spins the sign too fast though, he may start flying..

Why are you all assuming he's a boy... The people saying "bitch get off my corner" I would assume OP is a girl.... Maybe I'm wrong though. Usually on this site I see either a female symbol or male symbol, this I see none...

reddudeover 2

34 - Guys get called "bitches" all the time.

AnyaS 19

Would have*

28- That would be awesome.

43 - but guys never are the ones getting told to get off of someone else's corner....I'm jus sayin, sounds like 'actual' bitches' to me:) I have nothin else.. Back to bed I go; goooodnight all:)

reddudeover 2

There are male prostitutes too. Alright off to bed with you. :p

mrsmillsy 10

That sucks, poor you :(

1) Scroll up on the page 2) Notice your at 3) Figure out what FML means 4) Reread your comment 5) Be ashamed.

Watch out for the guy in the big purple coat. He means business.

Also if you see a guy in a purple dinosaur costume his name is Tim, but he likes to be called Barney. He is crazy and you should run from him.

lorenzoman77 7

Maybe OP could throw the sign at them next time?

daveclark4207 0

Ha ha ha

I'm going to type "lol" so people will know that I laughed. lol

nikkon416 13

.... Out loud

It was probably a hot day anyways. Despite the rudeness, there had to have been some relief, right?

Those prostitutes are defensive of their corners!

Its time for dem hoes to divide and conquer.

Spread their legs and fly!

Awful mental image

Naith 14

Look it at this way maybe you will attract more attention this way

Was there really a need to say "this way" at the end of your sentence when you said in the beginning already?

RedPillSucks 31

generally agree, but each "this way" had a different meaning.

KnightAngela1109 10

Well.......You were on her corner, number one rule don't mess with a bitches money.

It's highly likely that the OP's employers do not have the same target audience as a prostitute. Either that or I am completely oblivious to those sign spinning sex workers...

I sure hope you got off their corner before their pimp claimed you as one of his own.

I feel sorry for you