By poseidon5213 - United States - Inglewood
Today, I started my job as one of those sign spinners. About an hour later, some people drove up, yelled, "Bitch, get off my corner," and threw water balloons at me. My boss made me keep working in the soaking wet outfit. FML
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Why are you all assuming he's a boy... The people saying "bitch get off my corner" I would assume OP is a girl....
Maybe I'm wrong though. Usually on this site I see either a female symbol or male symbol, this I see none...


43 - but guys never are the ones getting told to get off of someone else's corner....I'm jus sayin, sounds like 'actual' bitches' to me:)

I have nothin else..
Back to bed I go; goooodnight all:)

  Il_Maestro  |  6

It's highly likely that the OP's employers do not have the same target audience as a prostitute. Either that or I am completely oblivious to those sign spinning sex workers...