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  knight2109  |  12

Or a wall outside, to be honest if someone tries to share a urinal with me I'm going for sexual harassment charges and going for their imprisonment, somethings are just never okay. Obey the personal space rules when it comes to people you do not know.

  redpanda39  |  10

I'm thinking the mention of the obesity is more just to add to the yuck factor. I mean it'd be gross even if the guy wasn't obese, but let's be honest, it would be slightly less so.

  tbro47  |  23

The obesity aspect is definitely relevant. Yes if he wasn't obese it would still be nasty, but urinals are a small space barely big enough for half a foot of space on either side especially if they add dividers between the urinals. I'd punch a guy if they tried to share one with me. With a skinnier guy you might at least be able to get away from the urinal, but with an obese guy you basically be stuck there until they were done. I'm assuming there are dividers just because many places have them now.