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Today, my dog found out how to turn my Xbox off. So whenever he wants attention, guess what he does. FML
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So turn the Xbox off and take him for a walk!

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Jacksparrow72 21

But I'm wondering if OP is talking about an Xbox 360 rather than an Xbox One?

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It's probably the 360 slim, because of the heat sensing touch feature.

Funny if you guys are completely wrong and OP is talking about the original Sexbox...I mean Xbox

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Doesn't matter. Should get a PS4 anyway.

Should consider a PS4. In a year or so when the price drops, there's a variety of games available and they've had time to fix the hardware bugs that inevitably pop up when there's new hardware involved.

how is that at all relevant to the fml..

I got a ps4 but none of all my past online friends did. They're all happy continuing to play their older system. It's not as great as I thought it would be. ):

Exactly why I'm waiting. Except, all my friends are probably getting Xboners, I'm going to get a PS4. We could be friends!

It's relevant because he would've saved himself from losing valuable game progress

What did you expect with a brand new console with hardly any games? It'll be great in a year or so, not now.

Why hate on a game system at all. I tend to go with sony myself but that's preference on the variety of games available for them. Most of the games I like are available for both systems but some are exclusive to playstation. I do have an Xbox 360 because I do like some of those games that you can't get on playstation. For that matter I have every Nintendo from NES to 64.

Have a ps4, love it. Will get an xbox one and sure I will love it. And mastered the art if playing fetch with the dog while playing games. Even pull it off while raiding in ff14. But if my dog wants attention, the games go off. Might I suggest filling a kong with peanut butter to keep him busy occasionally?

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Off Topic: Anyone else notice the time it was published.

What #113 is referring to is that it was published on 1/6/14 but today is 1/7/14. Yet it was published today.

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#187 Except I see more people complain about crashes, glitches, campers, team killers, etc. on PC forums than console forums.

So turn the Xbox off and take him for a walk!

I agree! Maybe you aren't spending enough time with him. He loves you unconditionally you know!

Or pay more attention to him dogs have feelings to you know.

That's harsh. Dogs are living; living things need attention.

I'll bet every single one of you would have said the exact opposite if it was a cat.

why? cat people love their cats. i know mine is spoiled and we play every day.

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Buy a shock collar and put it on 30. Maybe he'd be less of a jerk after a few jolts.

Most people who are anti shock collar have never tried to train a large dog

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**** that,i bet his dog does it whenever it wants randomly, even if its given the requisite attention it needs and then some.

Its -40° here with wind chill. I don't think that's an option for some people.

Shock collars are crazy. I shocked myself with one once and it HURT. I would never use or suggest one of those except in the most dire circumstances. In that type of case, the dog should be re-homed to someone more suitable anyways, so it shouldn't really be necessary. I'm okay with the ones that only beep and vibrate though.

Yeah they hurt, that's the point. So does a hot stove, and you only have to touch it once to learn as a kid not to. It hurts but doesn't harm, and some dogs can just ignore anything less. I've seen invisible fence collars work wonders, and I've been zapped by that once, ow, but it keeps a beagle from following her nose and running off. My cousins dog is a bit high strung, and he used a shock collar when she was acting up beyond what was allowable, after getting shocked a couple times all it takes is him bringing it out for her to be on her best behavior. She's a good dog, but when dogs get riled sometimes nothing gets through to them. A bit of pain often breaks that mood.

Place your Xbox higher up so your dog can't reach it to turn it off.

Or, spend time with your dog before you play.

Kinda what I was thinking. OP, your dog is a living breathing thing, it also loves you no matter what. Spend some time with him. He probably just misses playing with you.

That is true, although some dogs are constantly asking for attention.

Yeah, even if I spend the better part of a day playing with my black lab at the dog park, she will still constantly want my attention. Some dogs are a little needier than others

Don't play with the dog then turn on the xbox immediately every time! He will associate it with end of playtime! Play with him, do something else, then go to the xbox. Don't let a routine form & he won't associate the xbox with anything bad. And if he does turn off the xbox, don't play with him immediately for the same reason!

Yeah play with your dog if they figured out how to do that then you know you have been playing too long

Not necessarily. He could play with the dog, and the dog could do it anyways. Dogs are strange creatures. Mine likes to stand in middle of our yard and bark at nothing.

Bigfabthetruth52 22

It doesn't take a genius dog to figure out how to push a button and turn something off and know that they can do it again in a short amount of time.

Who says he's barking at nothing? #whoyougonnacall

Yep, and I really wish OP would film this and put it on YouTube so we could all enjoy their dogs brilliance!

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I agree, very smart dog! If he has a gf I bet she taught the dog that;)

How do you know OP doesn't? God forbid he does his own thing from time to time.

Lol big, pretty, tempting circle on/off button, wouldn't blame the dog whether he wanted attention or not.

This is hilarious but sucks at the same time. Give your dog attention bro!

id say hes pretty close to playing some multiplayer games