By peepeepainter - 07/01/2014 02:25 - United States - Jasper

Today, I was painting cabinets for the children's area in my church. While painting, I dropped my brush and got black paint on a white part. I tried to wipe it off. Now there's a very visible smudge that looks like a penis. FML
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Oh that stinks... I hope you can paint over it with white!

Quick! paint everything black and claim you were influenced by the Rolling Stones


Oh that stinks... I hope you can paint over it with white!

Would probably take a few layers and end up uneven if he did that...

@16 It's better than having a penis on the the cabinet.

Well #35 has the right idea...

Once you black you can't go back.

OP, just hire a kid to pretend like they drew the smudge and you "kick" him out. Then you play it off as if you can't paint over it and turn it into a painting of a flower pot or something.

Or OP could dip the brush in a trusty ole' can of kerosene and watch that rooster disappear...

A whiteout pen would work.

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Extra advertisement for the clergy!

Usernames don't get any funnier... PeepeePainter

I remember getting a comment modded for saying something about abortion, and then this guy gets to freely bash my religion. Way to show a bias, mods.

The fact that this could happen by accident is almost a phallacy.

You sneaky devil.

Quick! paint everything black and claim you were influenced by the Rolling Stones

#4, isn't that the group who sang "Sympathy for the Devil?" (Yes, it is.) That's not going to be a useful excuse in this context.

One of my favorite Rolling Stone songs! Though I'm sure OP might get kicked out for that.

You might get a free excorcism out of that deal

#41: that's why you leave out that detail, no need to mention everything

Turn it into a dog.

Because putting a little more black on top will really help the situation how...?

I'm kidding, but I'm sure there's a million ways to turn it into something with both white paint and black. Maybe my mind is too creativity based. But I'm sure OP will fix it somehow with more white or turn it into something. Honestly, jokes aside. It's the "children's area" in the church, they were doing something like a drawing with the black paint.

#21 also, a dog is better than a penis....

Wow! This is my big chance to have my relevent and inteligent post be read! Hear we go: *no characters remaining*

Wow! You're the sixth commenter. I wish I could've been sixth sometime. I was first once, but not sixth.

Are you both alright? O.o

Are you alright? Your eye is terribly inflamed!

6, You do realize this isn't Facebook and nobody will give you thumbs up for meaningless comments that have no relation to the topic at hand.

*likes your comment for irony* [: But anyway, I feel bad for OP. But I'm pretty sure that even if it's a small penis, one of the priests has seen small penises before (I'm so sorry for making that joke oh god)

Keep it on topic, #34. This thread is for mocking #6. Speaking of, wanna know why six was afraid of seven? Because seven was a psychotic motherfucker who got high on bath salts and chewed twenty's face off.

I know right? Fuck #6. I hate it when I come on here, and some person makes irrelevant comment, irregardless of the topic at hand. Ruins my day.

Oh dear. Get that fixed before a Sunday school class suddenly becomes very awkward.

Ha. Get it "fixed." I don't think that pun was intentional, but I like puns so I'm making it intentional.

That's not a good way to 'raise' attendance.

Windex can take just about anything out. But it can stain so be careful.

Windex to remove paint? Ooooookay then

I rarely thumbs down comments, but this one deserved it.

Paint over it?

No but spraying windex all over it would most likely help lots according to #10.

Black wet paint on white dry paint. Think about it.