By honeybunny90 - 28/12/2013 08:23 - United States - Richmond

Today, my dog has found a new game he likes. It involves him rolling around on my new bed sheets to build up static electricity and run and poke me with his nose so I get shocked. FML
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Looks like your dog is cleverer than many people I know...

Quit freeloading off of the #1 comment.

bestbelieve 9

It'd be amazing to have this dog! I'd get him back

I wish my dogs could do that... all they do is sleep, eat and fart. (._.)

#35 that's the same as my dog. I'd swap the farting for an electric shock any day.

I think ops dog may be a genius mutation of magical scientific minded dogs

KeannaLove 32

My dog does that too. The look of pure joy on his face makes it hard to stay mad at him.

lol. what a jerk, I say with fondness as a dog owner.

RileyTheCoyote 6

Awwwww! Your dog is shockingly clever! ;D

Thumbs up for the comment, thumbs down for being the second person to make said comment.

Picturing that is hilarious. This just made my day.

ThomasBombadil 31

Sounds like you have a smart dog there. Congrats! Rename himher to Tesla.

Better than rolling round in sheep shit, then poking you with his nose.

SystemofaBlink41 27

Yeah, I hate it when my dog rolls around in my sheep's necessities!

Nickb55 16

Wow that's one clever and

Even dogs can master the art of trolling.