It was an accident!

By innocent - 06/01/2014 21:32 - Australia

Today, I was at my girlfriend's house, and she was tickling me. It got a bit rough, and she fell out of bed and hit the floor. Her parents, thinking we'd been fighting, burst into the room to see her holding her bloody nose. She didn't say anything while her dad kicked my ass. FML
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Nice girlfriend you have there. She could have at least said you didn't do anything.

#31 - none of that FML says anything about sleeping there. how is tickling each other something they should not be doing until they move out, or have to go out to do? it is fun - not a bad thing. the only bad thing is that the girlfriend didnt bother telling the father it was an accident. so please shut up. your comment was ridiculous.


Have him tossed in jail or beat the daughters ass. You paid the price already anyway. May as well do it.

OP please for the love of all that is bad in the world press charges against the dad and break up with your quote on quote "girlfriend" and if you do give her a bloody nose for me whilst you are at it.

Don't give her a bloody nose, but the rest sounds about right. Sorry this had to happen to you OP.

Hey, give the girlfriend a break. She just received a bloody nose. She was probably dazed and confused. I doubt she was mentally all there at the moment.

It's a bloody nose, not a concussion, I don't see you would be that dazed

actually, hitting your nose hard enough to cause it to bleed is shocking and can cause confusion.

I wince when something barely hits the very tip of my nose. I can see how hitting it full-on and making it bleed can cause disorientation.

But still... It is only a guess, but I think her dad did not stop after one punch or slap, but took his time instead to kick OP in the butt and maybe out of the house. Slamming your nose in the ground can be painful and confusing, I agree. But I highly doubt it will make you so confused that you don´t even realise when your dad is beating up your loved one, which probably took at least several minutes. To be so heavily confused would need a serious concussion and if that was the case she would have been in a state that would have encouraged every halfway responsible father to turn towards his injured daughter instead and return to beating people up AFTER that.

Seriously. OP needs a new girlfriend. I can understand the father's reaction because mine would have done the same, but he girlfriend needed to say something. "Disoriented" or not.

#3 - it's also "for the love of all that is good" or "all that is good and holy." you're not so good at words, huh?

No I meant all that is bad I prefer all that is bad or all the is bad and unholy but that's my opinion also thank you to #27 for pointing that out I forgot it's quote unquote also you had to call me a dofus couldn't you just point out me mistake and leave it?

83- maybe 3 is a person who prefers the bad in the world over the good.

#100 I do I only see the bad things I see the evil as a child I was abused and as a teen I was a pariah but I was smart then in the military I had fifteen confirmed kills and it felt so good but alas that was awhile ago so I must wait for my death to go the inferno and become a necromancer and help lucifer wage war on heaven.

CaiDog 20

Ok? I'm kinda worried about you dude.

103 I just ran out of breath reading your massive sentence good job now I'm in the hospital for asphyxiation and can barely speak this is all your fault I hope the hospital sends you my bill oh wait I live in Canada but I don't like you much now anyways!

Well, none of us were there and we don't know the details of what happened and we can't know the girlfriend's mind. We can only guess, so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, because I like giving people the benefit of the doubt.

noonenoeone 22 all Canadians run the hospital when they get boo boos? All the poor people in America sure do.

When you can write the quotation marks, there's no need to say quote and quote, quote unquote, OR quote end quote. We can see the quotation marks, for the sake of Pete!

Well I do things differently then you if you have anything against that I don't care I really don't so yeah.

97- It's dufus, not dofus. Damn, words really AREN'T your thing.

Well when I was a kid we spelt it that way okay.

@48 lol really? she fell two feet to the floor and you're saying she was incapacitated enough not to realize what was going on? she's a selfish bitch with an over protective father and op should stay clear of both of them.

160, She hit something hard enough to make her bleed.

152, just give it up man.... Quit while you're down.

mangoboy1 19

I think op's girlfriend is just a ****.

#153, normal people don't jump to conclusions that fast. If he was trying to rape her I'm sure there would have been screaming rather than laughter. Also, (173 I believe) brought up a good point. They said it was her house, they never said she lived with her parents. They could've been visiting her.

Seriously? How did that end up on the wrong comment? -___- My bad guys.

#153, normal people don't jump to conclusions that fast. If he was trying to rape her I'm sure there would have been screaming rather than laughter. Also, (173 I believe) brought up a good point. They said it was her house, they never said she lived with her parents. They could've been visiting her.

Nice girlfriend you have there. She could have at least said you didn't do anything.

I'm wondering if this was a laugh-less tickle fight. You'd think the parents would be clued in if there was laughter.

Some shrill laughter can easily be mistaken for screams.

He probably was tickling her to the point where she was mad at him, and didn't care that her dad did that. Terrible girlfriend though.

When I had a thing with a guy, he would tickle me until I wanted to kick him in the face. My ex boyfriend would hurt me when we would do this. She might have felt upset that you would have hurt her. You can't put all the blame on her, because she was hurt. I am a woman myself, so I know how ladies' emotions work sometimes. She was most likely mad at you for not being protective of her, and instead hurting her. It was an accident, yes, but it still would have hurt her feelings. She may have been afraid that her nose was broken if it was bad enough to make it bleed. Should she have told her dad? Probably. Although I know that when I'm in a lot of pain (noses hurt a LOT) I'm more focused on the pain than on what is happening around me. What I'm saying is not to dump her and think she's a horrible person over a huge misunderstanding. I'm sure she was embarassed enough anyways. Goodluck with that OP.

80 - ******* hell, you just gave equality a massive setback.

maybe she was upset that she got hurt, but that doesn't excuse her from allowing her dad to assault her boyfriend because he thought she got punched in the face!

All of you saying that she may have been disoriented after getting a bloody nose, there is no way to know that... It really depends on the person. I get body noses very often, and the slightest bump can make my nose bleed, but I have a friend that has had one bloody nose in his life. We can't make any assumptions purely because there is no information on to what type of person OPs girlfriend is.

SuperMew 22

The dad is the one at fault for not asking if his daughter was okay and trying to figure out what really happened.

DaMann360 19

I assume she was in too much pain to do anything. She was bleeding all over the place. Even if that wasnt the case, her mom could've been all over her, making sure shes okay. Thats a lot to be going on at one time so she might have been completely oblivious of OP being beat up. I know when I'm in pain and bleeding, I forget about the world around me because by human nature, I'm worried about myself and if my mom is trying to comfort me, I have no idea what else is happening besides that.

HammyBear13 8

#80, if you really get mad at your boyfriend for accidentally hurting you while tickling you, you just need to stay single. Accidents happen. No reason to get mad about it.

Llama_Face89 33

80- that's called being ******* psycho..

SuperMew 22

If he tickles you when you ask not to be tickled, then you need to break up with him. That is considered abuse. But only if you have expressed your dislike of it and don't go along with it because he wants you to.

122, So she should file a police report? Call the cops? "Help! My bf won't stop tickling me!" How would it be considered abuse? I think you're taking it a little too seriously lol.

@96 body noses are the worst. fact is she felt it was OK for her dad to swoop in and assault the guy because she fell off the bed and was mad. sounds like a total bitch to me.

SuperMew 22

If your girlfriend says, "Babe, I dislike being tickled. It causes me pain, please stop..." and you continue, you are being an asshole. It is abuse when someone does something to you, despite your protests, asking to stop, and wanting it to end. Its not suddenly okay because tickling is considered something cute. If a guy kept tickling me when I asked him to stop, multiple times, he would be single and out the door.

Tickling. Cause of awkward situations and blood noses since the dawn of time.

Well nothing good about his planet C'YA *flys into space on jet pack*.

Huh, I see you forgot your oxygen mask #11. Have fun breathing up there. FYL OP. Not so much that your girlfriend didn't say anything or that you got beat up, which both suck ass but are all being touched upon, but because her father is so quick to rush to judgement, instead of being like "What happened?!". Further evidence why you should break up with her.

RedPillSucks 31

If I heard my daughter scream, rushed into the room and saw her with a bloody face, I would be thinking to ask "what happened". He'd better explain by the time I loaded my gun. Even if the girlfriend couldn't explain, I'm sure OP may have tried, in between beat downs.

Yeah #16 also can you send me some jackets and the oxygen mask in a rocket I need the jackets because it gets down to like 25 Kalvin in some of these nitrogen clouds please and thank you.

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But you totally didn't deserve to get beaten over it. And your girlfriend should have spoken up before Daddy got a hold of you!

Which is exactly why the girlfriend should have spoken up. What a bitch.

Ummm, so why does he deserve it? I would press assault charges. I don't care how "well-meaning" the father was. Personally I think it was more about the father finding an excuse to exercise his aggression (much like an ape). Otherwise he would have stopped and actually asked what was happening before beating up the OP.

nope, MY house, MY rules, if I see my daughter bleeding in a room and there is only one other person in said room, well hell, someone getting that ass whoopped. play it safe and you'll be safe.

katydid91 31

He deserves it because they were rough housing. While intentions were innocent, they led to somebody getting hurt on accident and somebody being intentionally hurt. I carry a permanent reminder, in the form of a scar where I had stitches put in on my upper lip, of why you need to be careful when rough housing.

So when you end up in jail over assault charges just to find out your daughter fell out of bed and hit her face on the floor causing the injury, would it be worth it then? Personally, if I was in this situation and one of my parents hit my partner without actually knowing the situation I would lose respect for my parent and I wouldn't stop him from reporting my parent for assault. OP shouldn't have been hit over this, any smart and logical person would handle the situation better. You would be an absolute idiot if you hit someone over nothing, it's even worse if it could put their life at risk. I honestly don't know what's wrong with people these days. You're a moron for thinking the right thing to do is to give an ass whopping to someone who might not even deserve it

@134 The feminist-based mental gymnastics you do to convince yourself that the male is to blame are amazing.

katydid91 31

Nope, they're both to blame, however the only one person posting this FML is male. My answer would have been just the same had it been a female that posted it. Just trying to use proper pronouns.

Yes, if the genders were reversed and the girl got beaten up by OP's father, I'm sure you would be saying how much she deserved it rather than "omfg that's outrageous, press assault charges."

Your Cell, Your Rules! Unless you're on the bottom bunk....

Idiot. In a world with so many factors, jumping to conclusions will almost always lead in the wrong way. Your rules, will get you your own cell in a prison.

Moronic comments such as "give her a bloody nose" etc are quite pathetic. It's not funny to joke about domestic violence and I bet the people saying it would think the same if it was their mother or sister involved. I will however say you should break up with her and depending on the hiding given to you get the father charged. Although it would be difficult for yourself to convince a judge that it was a "tickle fight" I see a DVO if you go down that path. Best to just walk away.

While you may find my comment on the subject very bad I was subject to an abusive mother in my child hood which is why I had to live with my brother 2000 miles away during the ages of 13-17.

Also I didn't mean literally go out and punch her in the face I was trying to make a joke off of the fact that he should break up with her and the fact she had received a bloody nose.

I'd punch my own mother right in her face if she sat there and let me get my ass beat. Women in general need to take a step back and realize they are vulnerable and there are consequences to their actions. They are the weaker sex and it's about time they remembered that.

What you just said is one of stupidest things I have ever heard, everyone that reads it is now dumber for having saw it. Not once in that sexist rambling and cruel statement did I ever see any sign of a rational thought May you burn in hell. Also knowing that others that use this site are not as sexist did you thumbs up your own comment is that how little the amount of people that like is?

No, he could definitely convince a prosecutor that it was an accident. My ex threw a set of keys at me and gave me a bruise and even broke my skin through denim pants. He told the persecutor that it was an accident and the prosecutor dropped the charges. Also, I wouldn't judge the girlfriend so harshly. Given that she just received an injury that caused her to bleed from her face, I'm guessing that she was dazed and a bit distracted at the time.

domestic violence is never a joke. ever. it's not funny. jokes are funny. if you laugh about dv, you might want to think long and hard about that. being a victim at one time doesn't get you a special privilege.

I never said it did give me privileges I am simply giving my opinion and stating the fact that I was once subject to and witness to domestic violence I never asked for your opinion on my comment but if you wish to give that's okay but I really don't care nor do care that my comment got banned from the wall. Also my one that said "that last one was meant for #18 I had a comment which replied to #18 because he left a very sexist comment about how women are a weaker gender.

As a parent, I would have found out what was going on prior to any ass kicking, but if it was intentional I would have beat his ass myself...even if I am the mom. Nothing like a momma bear who's baby was hurt. Her dad, to react like that, shows he has a quick temper and short fuse, not a good combo for someone that gets physical.

You say that but look at it from this perspective. You can hear the shouting from rough play going on in your child's room and know they have company over. Then you hear a loud thud from somebody falling on the floor. You rush to check on them and open the door to find your child on the floor with a boldly nose that may be broken. What is your first instinct when you see the friend is perfectly fine and it looks like a violent fight took place where only your kid was hurt? I'm not taking sides but I can say you truly don't know how you will react until you are in that situation. Everybody says the will do this or that but when it happens most of the time they react very differently then they think they will.

While I understand your point Chevy I agree with the comment, to automatically start beating some kids ass is insane. If that was my son all hell would break loose if that happened to him while the stupid girl set back and said nothing. If any kid laid a hand on my daughter getting his ass kicked would be the least of his problems but if I found out my daughter pulled that shit I would kick her ass just as fast. As parents we preach to our kids to not jump to conclusions and running in and beating some kid up when you aren't sure what's going on is not only stupid but would get you jail time. I personally think that the daughter is the one who needs her ass kicked for not stopping her dad from being a complete and total dumbass..

89, I would have said "what the hell is going on?" I have a son and two daughters and have come into scenes where there is chaos and had to get the story prior to reacting, so yeah I know exactly what I would do.

Certain training can cause act first ask after responses. I personally have combat training and martial arts training. That is a nasty combination. I tend to not ask questions first when I see what is possibly a violent situation. We all are built with different fight or flight mechanisms. Obviously, the father leans more towards the fight side of things.

tickle fights will always end in pain, we all know the truth

And why is it guys think we like being tickled? I hate it. The laughter is involuntary, but it usually starts to hurt after a minute or so and always ends with me getting upset.

p007 12

She was secretly taking revenge for falling.

Next time your girlfriend's mom gets hurt by accident, kick his ass back.