By couldntholdit - 12/07/2011 17:09 - United States

Today, I was hanging out with a guy that I really like. When he gave me a hug goodbye, he slid his hand into the back pocket of my jeans. It was glorious until I farted on his hand. FML
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iAmScrubs 19

He is going to make a vow to never wash that hand again.

FiestaInMyPants 8

He took your breath away, but from the wrong end..


iAmScrubs 19

He is going to make a vow to never wash that hand again.

rallets 22

you pretty much blew your chance

blanquito 1

^blew her chance right into his hands

20- I see what you did there

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It's situations like these that you should play dead. Or at least pretend to faint or something. That would explain why you couldn't control the fart, and he'd forget all about it while checking you're ok.

enonymous 8

Men are always bring compared to dogs. That wet raunchy fart is now forever imbedded in his hand and he can find you anywhere... well played

purplepizza21 0

one word: HOT

at least it wasn't a shard?

Uhm, 43, why would her fart be wet? She didn't type "shart" you know.

76: Yeah good thing shards weren't coming out of her ass. Sheesh, you'd think someone would know the difference between shard and shady by your age.

coffeygirl12 14

that blows

You never know op, there are some people with fetishes for things like that.

tzuriel11 9

it must have been a pretty powerful fart for him to be able to feel it lol

tripleshame 3

The best part is op's name, couldntholdit lolol

tzuriel11 9

^^ hahahaahh omg i barely noticed!! thats soo funny!!

tzuriel11 9

^^ hahahaahh omg i barely noticed!! thats soo funny!!

i would have given it back to her as a 'cupcake'... farts are hell funny last I checked, if he is any sort of decent normal guy he'd have found it humorous and your embarrassment cute...

or just very loud.

Fakeddd 0

100- I see what you did there.

Tell the truth OP.... did you really fart, or did your queef?

76- a shard is a piece of glass dumb ass. a shart is a shit fart.

don't you mean shart?!?

a_nutritionist 10

@145...ah youre in the military, now your comment makes sense. sorry, i figured you must be 12 until i noticed.

155- Eww>.<

#178 why dies it make sense that if 145 wasn't 12, he'd be in the military? I'm not either, yet I find farts hilarious!

ur a bitch. men are dogs? your such a ******* ****. go hang yourself. i ******* hate sexism.

a_nutritionist 10

@215 you clearly know nothing about australias military.

lmao. btw BRoy is my dude

How pleasant...


nothins sexier than farting all over their hand! yummy ;)

let's hope he has some sort of fart fetish?

Bofopio 0

far as I know pockets or on the butt cheeks not on the butt hole, so she didn't fart on the hand.

I'm sure she really blew him away with her uniqueness.

he should have gave you the meanest cup of fart of all time

ayooBrandon 12

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Hayman68 4

his hand was in her back pocket so thats not a queef its a fart

ayooBrandon 12

I know what a qweef is, but that's the first thing that popped in my head when I read this

ayooBrandon 12

I know but qweef was the first thing word that popped onto my head when I read this

u have the wrong hole dipshit :P

Metal_Chick 15

You know, if she was wearing really tight jeans the vibration of the queef could have traveled up the crack to her asshole lmao; maybe she's just in denial because queefing is more embarrassing than farting..maybe? lmao

hahahahahahahah you juss made my day(;

a_nutritionist 10

dumb ****. was the first "thing word" that popped "onto" my head when i read this

ayooBrandon 12

dumb **** I meant to put just "word" and not "thing" and get a life instead of correcting people's grammar over the internet

a_nutritionist 10

actually i didnt "correct" anything. and im sorry, i should clarify, i was referring to your overall stupidity, from the first comment onward. i can see how you thought i was meaning just the typos, but no. its not me, its you.

AnonymousL0L 0

194, before you start pointing out things that are wrong with the way people type, maybe you should learn to capitalize and punctuate correctly.

burninnapalm 5

194 - I see what you did there

a_nutritionist 10

@198 that would make sense if my post was incoherent. nobody expects perfection, but knowing how to put together a sentence that makes logical sense is not too much to ask for.

there is no "wrong hole" in true love

johnson94 5

Brazilian fart **** fetish?

ahaha southpark :D

Sarababyyy94 0

^^ you're a cutie (=

Sarababyyy94 0

johnson94 that is (=

youngbuck10 9

Unexpected farting always ruins the mood. :(

I would say expected farting does as well...

youngbuck10 9

Yeah but this sounded unexpected to me. I mean come on they wasn't past the "comfortable" stage yet.

Always makes me laugh like hell... when somebody else does it.

youngbuck10 9

I giggle like hell even when I do it, haha.

whisperingeye13 0


what's with all the queer comments? it's not a common occurrence, at least for me it isn't...

FiestaInMyPants 8

He took your breath away, but from the wrong end..

and thats why your not getting it in the butt.

wow how attractive haha

samanthanicolee 0

haha sounds glorious