By healthfreak - 07/09/2014 01:57 - United States - Marietta

Today, my daughter's teacher called me, very concerned, because my child told the whole class she's not a virgin anymore. The word is "vegan", Honey. FML
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thebigtwinkie 28

Just a mistake, I'm going to guess that your daughter doesn't know what virgin means so she's not to blame, and neither is OP

Those, my friends, are two very different words. Sorry you had to deal with that OP


Those, my friends, are two very different words. Sorry you had to deal with that OP

Either way, she's getting some meat

Your username works so well with this comment.

sorry you had to go through that

This is the best thing I've read all day49

thebigtwinkie 28

Just a mistake, I'm going to guess that your daughter doesn't know what virgin means so she's not to blame, and neither is OP

I do wonder how old OP's daughter is.

thebigtwinkie 28

Yeah, me too

She's just a kid.

Yes but the age of the kid would change my perspective of things...

Yes. Not pointing fingers or saying anything here, but in today's world you never know with some kids. I am hoping though that OP's kid is fairly young. Hopefully all was clarified OP. :).

skyeyez9 24

I am guessing no older than 8

mary_13 26

Man I've heard of 16 year old's still doing things like that it's just sad what the world's come to now.

It's sad that the teacher wasn't able to figure out what she meant. When are kids starting to have sex these days? Lol

Unfortunately, around 10-12. If you don't believe me, just know that I have to put up with these kids everyday.

Lil_Red777 21

The teacher could have been concerned the girl was being abused.

very true. better to be safe than sorry.

Ever heard of rape? Or a pedophile and the fact you ended that with "Lol" tells me you're new here

#31 I know, it's so sad. I delivered a baby to an 11 year old girl a few years ago. One night I delivered 3 babies, and the oldest mum was 16. The other two were only 14 years old.

Nope not new here. My mind just doesn't go straight to atrocities when I think of a little girl mis-using a word.

mary_13 26

Me too #106 a lot of the people on here can be very negative and go after other people for hardly any reason it's unfortunate but true.

I don't think it's that bad, most kids in her class probably wouldn't know what virgin means. And you could easily explain that to the teacher. Unless it's like grade 6& up then well she screwed herself over for a couple of years

But the rest of the class probably didn't know what it meant

XBurytheCastleX 25

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They may have gone to vegetarianism instead. So possibly no meat.

besides, what does it matter to you why they eat it? I eat meat, and I'll tell you why, because we're omnivores, and meat is part of a balanced diet

Well most people can have a perfectly balanced diet without meat though. I have no problem with you eating meat, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Veggie and omni are both valid options.

OP didn't even say they were vegan or vegetarian. Just the daughter was.

My friends two kids decided one day they didn't to eat meat then 6 months later changed their minds. Kids do that sort of thing

XBurytheCastleX 25

We don't need it to survive. Anyways, I love meat but I am so sick of eating animals that are beaten and I can't afford to eat pampered meat, so I avoid it completely.

Veganism is not a valid choice.

**** off people, eat what you want but stop telling others what to eat.

Found the vegan

The animal is already dead and sitting at the grocery so not eating the meat is actully worse cause then the animal has not served its purpose and is a waste

sparty48910 5

Wanna know why I eat meat? It's ******* delicious. Few things are better than a well cooked steak.

You might just want umami (savory flavor). Try a really good (not Kraft / Sargento) hunk of mozzarella or ricotta. Mmmm

one word... Bacon

XBurytheCastleX 25

I think bacon is disgusting. I'm not vegan I'm vegetarian btw.

@64 are you seriously that stupid? It's a demand and supply case. "It's already dead" could possibly be the dumbest thing to say..

#88 ever hear of a manager discount that grocery stores have u know when a product is close to being bad ,ok good thought u did and u see discounts on meat because its not selling so since its already at the store u are not saving a life but are wasting one and then it spoils

mary_13 26

True that #43 for real thou this site makes me so mad sometimes because a lot of the people on here are mean and judge every little thing can't we just let shit go, really.

Actually there are certain components that are necessary for health only found in meat for an adult foregoing meat isn't good but it's not as bad as for a child who is still growing. Americans eat way to much meat but it is necessary without it,supplements must be used; which are often animal derived anyway.

Like a vegan, tasted for the very first time, like a vegan, with your bacon, next to mine. -Madonna

She lost her veganity...

Kids are so innocent, I am sure she's gonna have a good laugh about this when she's all grown up.

Kyle1dc 17

Oh my God, she brings a boy to meet OP, "Guess what she did in grade school?"