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  lnheritance  |  19

Yes. Not pointing fingers or saying anything here, but in today's world you never know with some kids. I am hoping though that OP's kid is fairly young.

Hopefully all was clarified OP. :).

  Izabushel  |  65

#31 I know, it's so sad. I delivered a baby to an 11 year old girl a few years ago. One night I delivered 3 babies, and the oldest mum was 16. The other two were only 14 years old.

  mary_13  |  26

Me too #106 a lot of the people on here can be very negative and go after other people for hardly any reason it's unfortunate but true.

By  extrasnipes  |  22

I don't think it's that bad, most kids in her class probably wouldn't know what virgin means. And you could easily explain that to the teacher. Unless it's like grade 6& up then well she screwed herself over for a couple of years

By  XBurytheCastleX  |  25

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  slyde32  |  12

besides, what does it matter to you why they eat it? I eat meat, and I'll tell you why, because we're omnivores, and meat is part of a balanced diet

  doodlecloud  |  26

Well most people can have a perfectly balanced diet without meat though. I have no problem with you eating meat, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Veggie and omni are both valid options.

  12121314cm  |  8

#88 ever hear of a manager discount that grocery stores have u know when a product is close to being bad ,ok good thought u did and u see discounts on meat because its not selling so since its already at the store u are not saving a life but are wasting one and then it spoils

  mary_13  |  26

True that #43 for real thou this site makes me so mad sometimes because a lot of the people on here are mean and judge every little thing can't we just let shit go, really.

  Larka25  |  6

Actually there are certain components that are necessary for health only found in meat for an adult foregoing meat isn't good but it's not as bad as for a child who is still growing. Americans eat way to much meat but it is necessary without it,supplements must be used; which are often animal derived anyway.