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  JayGatsby  |  25

Well, I mean, this really depends on the situation if the FML. If they were at a restaurant, then it's probably eggs, but if it's at work and he/she brought their own lunch then it could always be tofu, because sometimes I make my brother, who's vegan, "scrambled eggs" and it looks really similar.

  Vestin  |  18

#12: 3 suggested that the person mentioned in OP was trying to convey how wonderful it must be to live on a planet orbiting the star Vega (second brightest star in the northern hemisphere!). Its name is pronounced /ˈveɪɡə/, though /ˈviːɡə/is also acceptable.
Slightly more high-brow humor than the norm, downvote bait as a result. Damn shame...

  kirasant  |  19

If you're ANYTHING you should know what that thing means. I'm so sick of these idiots latching onto some word they heard on tv and then never bother to even google it. "Vegitarians" that eat fish, "Buddhists" that get stoned, "Wiccans" that worship Satan, "Vegans" that won't give head; it's ridiculous.

If you're going to use a word to describe yourself, learn what the word means! I hope OP gets a new friend, cus this one is a moron.

  boating_guy  |  33

Just wondering here, an egg was never alive or "had a face on it". So a vegetarian could eat eggs, right? Clearly not a true vegan however, which is not the kind mentioned in the FML

  higgysaurus  |  18

Actually there are people who call themselves ovo-vegans and they only allow themselves to eat eggs and occasionally fish but no other animal byproducts as being a true vegan is actually detrimental as you aren't able to get all of the amino acids necessary for survival

  Retaheki  |  27

Vegans are able to get all amino acids found in meat, but in plants, the levels are all wibbly-wobbly than compared to meat. There are other proteins and nutrients, such as carnosine (IIRC) that can't be found in plants.

  LostMy_Marbles  |  23

I have a friend who is vegan. She chose to have this lifestyle because she doesn't want to support the food industries that mistreat their animals for food and what not.
But, she does eat eggs sometimes if they are from her father in law's chooks because she knows how they are treated, what they are being fed etc.
Maybe OP's friend is the same?

  powhovian221b  |  13

Depends on the vegetarian. There are multiple types. Some don't have eggs. Some don't have milk. Some eat eggs and some eat chicken. It just depends on what kind you want to be. And well also some like me, don't eat eggs by themselves, but will eat them in stuff. And same with milk.

By  immaMonsta  |  8

In that moment I would have pulled out my phone, Googled the difference between vegeterian and vegan, and politely showed the contents of the screen to them. You know, since they apparently don't know the difference themselves.