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Today, I left town to go on one of my usual business trips. I felt like I was forgetting something, but I shook it off. It wasn't until later that night when I realized I forgot to weedwhack the bush. So much for hotel room romance tonight. FML


Maybe you should confront her about that. She could maybe just shave it on business trips because it makes her feel more clean cut and professional. Or she could be a cheating whore.

  jackt2034  |  0

do you want your wife to look unprofessional and scruffy on her business trips? and who knows, maybe she wants to start a new trend of only shaving on important occasions because you know, shaving daily is too mainstream, old school. she's going new school!

By  zaku2capt  |  1

Hmmm maybe its just a coincidence

  loveexgirl  |  15

Well, sorry if I'm not a grammar natzi. Everyone just loovveesss those.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

Actually, 47, there is a need for a comma when specifically addressing someone by name, or in this case, number. It had nothing to do with the fact that they said "umm" at all. Look at the whole sentence and get your facts straight.

  bball234  |  6

well a common cell phone is a phone, which you call and/or text people with. a social networking site is a place where random losers spend their whole life.

  jbaby7892  |  0

I really wish you people wouldn't get all touchy with your comments!!! Obviously he was joking when he said "hmmm maybe it's a coincidence" lighten up geez

  DamnSmooth  |  0

No, no your right. I'm sure she'll answer truthfully about it, too. Besides; mind games are too much fun. Nothing like asking a beautiful woman why she took so long in the bathroom; noting that her ass is probably a mess & watching all the self confidence drain from her face. (See ? She won't wanna go anywhere or cheat on her husband with that frame of mind !)

By  xbella  |  8

maybe she feels really comfortable with you she doesn't feel the need to shave, and she feels more confident when she's shaved and goes on business. hmm.