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Today, my neighbours' whiny emo of a daughter got dumped by her boyfriend. In her infinite wisdom, she's chosen to cope by playing on her recorder the worst rendition of "My Heart Will Go On" that I've ever heard. It's been going on all day. Now I know why he dumped this idiot. FML
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You should go over there and yell "I'M KING OF THE WORLD!" That'll cheer her up.

MeowZebraMeow 7

Since when do emo kids listen to Celine Dion?


You should go over there and yell "I'M KING OF THE WORLD!" That'll cheer her up.

SenselessPattern 12

If you want to seriously ruin the boyfriend's life, you should encourage her to 'never let go'.

OP can cheer her up with nice words and positive advice, but we all know we're not that nice on FML. I say you blow her house up.

I don't get it...unless that's a titanic reference. But I've never seen titanic so I dunno..

Yeah, he's referring to the part where they go on the house boat and survive that crazy storm, only to have the house blown up by Chewbacca. In that famous ending scene, Rose is actually floating on a section of ceiling tiles but Voldemort grabbed Jack's leg and dragged him under as he tried to climb on.

#107 couldn't have explained it better myself

#98 how does playing a recorder make you think of a movie that you've never seen?

#98he might've seen those king of the world memes or seen the episode on family guy it's in

I don't know what the OP is talking about, but I love the song 'My Heat Will Go On'.

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Find her a new boyfriend? I bet that would work.

Yeah, until he leaves her again! Then OP's back to "the worst rendition of My Heart Will Go On".

They said "new boyfriend" not an ex. Therefore "dumped again" fails.

AbstraktThoughts 13

59: No, dear. It's actually you who fails.

xKeroseneHearts 9

#59: No, they mean that she will get dumped again in general. Not by the same guy.

Then they should have said "you'll just get left again"

AbstraktThoughts 13

120: Please explain to me the difference in meaning between "dumped again" and "left again". *sigh. Darwinism at its finest...

All I can say us soundproof headphones. If its too late (to the families) I'm sorry for your loss.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Grammar nazis were never honored here.

Why the recorder was invented, I will never know...

It could be worse. There's always the kazoo. If that's not annoying enough, the vuvuzela surely wins. I'm sure others can suggest similarly bad "instruments" for causing excessive ear bleeding.

The worst musical inventions in the history of mankind are Ke$ha and Nikki Minaj.

The recorder was invented so school children could summon Satan with Hot Cross Buns.

What happened to Justin Beiber and Rebecca Black?

loudly disliking any music is dumb because doing so is not going to make it go away

I always thought the absolute worst "musical" invention of all time was the mouth harp.

420Zombie 17

@74: who cares, they're finally forgotten. Don't bring it back up -_-.

I remember playing the recorder in 4th grade, I really hate the sound of them, I'm sorry that you have to deal with that OP!!

Ke$ha, Niki Minaj and Justin Bieber are not musicians. They were a government experiment to see if sound could be weaponised that unfortunately worked its way into the media.

Ke$ha is deffinately worse than Justin Bieber! I don't really like Justin or his music but at least he writes his own songs and can sort-of play guitar, to me that counts for something :) all ke$ha can do is look derpy and use autotune :L

tootsie68 22

Give her ex a Medal of Honor for dumping her

the recorder. the instrument that was suppose to help my education.

The recorder taught us all how to summon Satan with terrible renditions of Hot Cross Buns and Mary had a Little Lamb.

MeowZebraMeow 7

Since when do emo kids listen to Celine Dion?

kenzie_scars 5

It's called a screamo version which sound way better than the originals

BlackRose342 4

Since when are people restricted to listening only to music society says they are to listen to?

You are incredibly ignorant. 'Emo' does not determine what kind of music you listen to. Not all emo people only listen to metal by the way.

dixiefoxx 22

I used to be considered "emo" but I didn't dress the style. Sure, I loved screamo, but I also loved rock, some pop music here and there, and I still love all of those as much as I did then. Though, the pop music that I liked aren't ever on the radio anymore, now it's filled up with shit like One Direction and Justin Bieber... And crappy rap artists... So I kind of gave up on listening to the radio

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Screamo surly is not metal by any means. If little girls call it metal, than it certainly is anything but metal.

Don't stereotype. Just because they express themselves differently doesn't mean they have to stick to screamo music.

My daughter also had to learn that on her recorder. She's not emo and she wasn't dumped. If she's grade 7-9 it's probably a school assignment and it will eventually stop.

I learned how to play in second grade. If her boyfriend broke up with her + playing a song about tragedy and romance! It's to much of a coincidence.

Seriously? School assignment? A grade 7-9 school assignment to play a Celine Dion song on the recorder all day every day? Gtfo.