By arghgffhdfg - 15/07/2012 00:22 - Australia - Sydney

Today, my mother screamed at my brother for ages for playing a Nicki Minaj music video. She said it's "terrible, demonic garbage" that'll get us "spitroasted in Hell". I don't even disagree with the first part, but she does this kind of thing every single day when I get home from my night job. FML
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sunnyt 5

No one likes Nicki Minaj and her Super Bass though.

She can't be demonic... Satan himself hates that music


mal2012 4

This FML sucks... I dont even GET wat ur saying. All i got was ur mon doesnt like Nicki Minaj.... Ok?

sunnyt 5

No one likes Nicki Minaj and her Super Bass though.

Meh, the chorus to Super Bass is kinda catchy. That's pretty much all I like about Nicki Minaj. Other than that, I agree with your mom (even though I don't believe in Hell).

You a stupid hoe, you a stupid, stupid hoe. I dont know why anyone would enjoy listening to that...

I just realized it sounds like im being sarcastic, but trust me im not. I hate nicki minaj.

Nicki minaj is worthless as she has no meaning or dignity in what she does. And I don't think u can call what she does "singing" or "rapping" as she sounds just terrible

gmc_blossom 21

Come on, guys. In all honesty, I like Nicki Minaj. I mean, I wouldn't deem her as one of my favourite artists or anything, but she's okay. Especially when you think about all of these newer rappers out there. None of them are any good. In comparison to a lot of them, Nicki is actually rather good. Sure, maybe her songs are a bit, erm, bad. Maybe she is all plastic. Maybe she isn't a great role model. But, hey. I would choose her over rappers such as Wiz Khalifa any day. This is just my opinion. *Shrug*

HelloGuys 4

Im like the only one who listens to all her songs & like them?? Try listening to her new album it sounds good to me.

iHeartRKO 5

Wiz khalifa is wayyyyy better

I bet u the music video was starships it's so dirty

Daftendirekt1 0

Ng Ng Ugh I can't stand Super Bass. I'm going to sound really hipster here but I stopped listening to mainstream - not because it's popular but because I genuinely think it's crap. There are some artists out there that I like but meh. Also, all these mainstream artists are coming out with songs like Super Bass claiming it's 'new' when it just sounds like trashy house music from 5 years ago. (I listen to electronic mostly now - the melodic work is amazing in quite a few songs around there.) However, the beat behind 'Beez in the Trap' is pretty cool. Shit song though. Sorry for the essay.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

I've always hated rap today. ESPECIALLY(sp?) nikki minaj. I like tupac eazy e an biggie smalls better.

MelissaLove234 7

Fuck you Nicki Minaj is amazing you don't even know her ok judge her by one song yeah your cool. NOT

her debut album, pink Friday wasn't that bad but then again she has been making really stupid songs lately eg. starships

Dr0reos 8

Nicki minaj you say? *puts on sophisticated smart guy glasses(or spectacles whatever floats your boat)* Yeah she's probably right

I'm sick of all these posers on a ****** website/app. You don't needa use perfect suhpehllingg or guh,rahm,err. I no none of ya spell like that to ya friend or w/e. Ya tryna be all sohfihstihcaytehd n shit for nah reason u tryna impress random fukers on the internet who probably at best give .0000000000000146 ***** about you Now ya are all hatin on rap a Nikki... WTF did she er do to ya she just makin a livin like every1 else. 7/10 of these bullshit commentors like Nikki/rap. Thumb me down idgaf.

BryanThaMan 14

Start working graveyard shift, problem solved :)

But what if she starts screaming about that stuff when OP's trying to sleep during the day?

Well it might not get you spit roasted.... But it will definitely do some damage on your ears.

the_anti_hipster 7

And brain cells. Nicki sounds like a mix between a two year old with a speech impediment and a mouse on helium. Cartoon death please!

StripedSwtor 7

you should probably tell her to find a new hobby.

mrnuleef 7

Fyl for having a brother that likes any of her music

I agree. And what's wrong with spitroasting? That's always looked interesting and kinky ;)

Daftendirekt1 0

92 - Indeed it has. Although there are a couple guys I know who started a group called the 'Roastbusters'... Quite disturbing.

Yeah that is disturbing. Hy would they start a group? There just weird.

theslimshadylp 6

Nicki minaj I wanna stick my penis in your anus.

melikeyturtles 3

I dont understand why that comes as a shock to you.

T9FTW 20

Probably because he believes that her music is too feminine for a male.

Have you even heard her song 'Roman Holiday'? Her music is shit.

insertnameherr 11

or super bass? STUPID HOE? STARSHIPS?!?!

gmc_blossom 21

40- She isn't demonic. I actually like those three songs. Don't bother telling me I have no taste in music, either. You think what you want. Lol.

Very true she is bad and demonic. I always wondered what she said when she "rapes" so fast no one can understand her ..

A lot of people also believe in the Illuminati and that's she's apparently a devil worshipper, along with Beyonce, Jay - Z and Rihanna etc, It's a thing about them controlling the Human race using music or something, not too sure yet, it's probably not true but interesting none the less. Research it.