By wellokaythen - 14/05/2013 19:52 - Canada - Brampton

Today, I heard noises outside my front door. I looked out through the window, only to see my boyfriend encouraging his dog to take a dump on my welcome mat. FML
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He should consider himself, erm, dumped?


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He doesnt have the emotional strainth to do it himself. Psh.

I don't think almost anyone has the will to shit on someone's welcome mat.

HowAreYouToday 34

... You're a bunch of thread jackers.

#49 So it's completely unnaceptable to reply to a reply? If you want your thread back, the boyfriend is indeed lacking of courage and morals. It's rather an unusual situation.

Yes, he is indeed devoid of decency, and should be executed by guillotine. The scumbag. The thread is well and truly on track now.

When I first read this I thought the boyfriend took a dumb on OP's welcome mat

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Well that's a crappy situation.

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Because all of yours are just /stellar/. See, all these: vvv

17- Crappy just like your 57 rejected FMLs, I'll bet. And didn't you just make an almost identical comment just below this one? For shame, your trolling sucks.

Make that 58 rejected now. My guess was he tried to submit "Today, I was bullied on the internet FML."

#48- I'm trying hard not to laugh the whole house awake after reading your comment. I'm no good at holding laughs in. Arrrgh!!!

17, you just got burned by 28 and 48. How does being a troll feel now?

Correction. 58 denied FMLs. I hope # 17 is not as boring as their failed attempts to get an FML posted.

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Uh no, your comment is considered a crappy clean up job!

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Yes shit. There was shit on the doormat.

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Guess he doesn't feel very welcome

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What a cheapskate! Why doesn't he spring for a paper bag and a lighter?

He's such a turd. He's gonna be the one who's crapping. When you get a hold of him that is.

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That was truly awful... Good effort, I suppose.

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