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  olpally  |  32

Jim took Petey's place and came to surprise Michelle at the end by playing the trombone horribly while he was going down the stairs to woo her. Lol. Yes, but she plays the flute very well :) haha.
And this one time at band camp, she stuck a flute, in her pussy. Hahaha. Love that movie

  michelleJ11  |  25

Actually she does. Would you want to listen to hours of someone playing an instrument that they just started learning? I don't know about you, but that would be a constant headache for me.

  DKjazz  |  20

My friend plays the drums, and he rented a reasonably inexpensive storage space very near to his apartment. He had a drum set and a keyboard set up there for practice. It was a fine rehearsal space as well, if a little tight.

  bellydancer82  |  15

I concur. I've been playing violin for 20 years, and my parents just told me a year ago that they used to fight over who took me to my lessons because I was so bad at first and enjoyed making screeching noises.

  stitesy29  |  18

Lol i play violin too
Its the opposit for me though
Its my parents who think im a natural (ive been playing since kindergarten (about 11 years)) and me who thinks I suck

By  DocBastard  |  38

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I used tuba a pretty good trombone player. I know you think her playing sax now, but wait until she gets better. You'll love the music, no doubt oboet it.

  Subtext  |  10

It could be worse I suppose...I used to play (bass) trombone and learnt to play the instrument in school...with a lot of other people who didn't know how to play their instrument right back then...
What really really really sucked was living in a flat beside a half-assed opera singer. It wasn't loud, not at all...but it still sounded like something desperately trying to violate you in places you don't even want to read about in a horror story.

That being said...trombones are awesome!