By ShouldBeSingleSoon - 26/03/2013 04:15 - United States - Lincoln

Today, my boyfriend, who moved in about a month ago, decided he wanted to move back out. Why? Because I don't keep my place clean enough for him. This, coming from the same man who refuses to wash or clean anything because "that's what women are for." FML
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Count your blessings that it only took a month of living together to find out what a douche canoe he is.

Good riddance.


Good riddance.

Agreed. YDI, OP - and I mean that in the most positive way possible.

I will never understand the stubborn sexism and/or racism of some people.

Why the **** were you with him??

53, sometimes you need to live with someone to find out how they truly think.

41, some people joke about it. My boyfriend used to say, "Women belong in the kitchen, doing laundry, and making babies. Now get me a drink, woman!" His brother would joke about it too, even to their mom, whom always laughed, as did I. But now I'm pregnant and he doesn't say it anymore, because he has to do a lot of things for us during our pregnancy. Even before I was pregnant, he actually did help out a lot already. It was something they always joked about and now I get to joke, "How does it feel to be the only one in the kitchen, honey?" and he responds, in a high pitched voice, "It's fabulous!" People just need to learn how to take things in a funny manner, when appropriate.

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I joke around and say things like "get in the kitchen and make me a samwich woman now or that's a beating" but my gf knows I'm joking

i do, aha just kidding

And the boyfriend of the year award goes to...

Chris Brown?

Old news, try again

Charlie sheen?

He has a point though.

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No he doesn't… they should both work together to keep the house clean like the couple they are.

So I take it you don't understand sarcasm

Where? I'm a guy. I help clean and do dishes.. Do you also believe girls can't vote, have jobs, or serve our country?

Count your blessings that it only took a month of living together to find out what a douche canoe he is.

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Imagine if you had waited until marriage to live with him, OP. You should be happy you found out before it was too late

It's really never TOO late, tho.

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Yeah 25. Better not get married first (sarcastic eye roll). Because then they would both have to learn how to better themselves and be less self centered, because its not like that is a HUGE problem in our society or anything.

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That only works if BOTH parties wake up to how self-centered they are and try to fix it. He's either unaware or unwilling to recognize what a douche he is, so she'd have just been miserable. Oh, wait, "better to get married and both be miserable until the end of time than to live in sin for two months!" Was that your point?

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First off, why marry someone you don't know very well yet. Second, you don't have to live with someone to get to know them.

I'm sorry how exactly are you supposed to commit to mr. That's-what-women-are-for for a lifetime?

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@60. Many people don't reveal enough of themselves to be fully known during the courtship (dating). While I wont knock anyone who chooses to avoid the "living together" route on "religious" or "moral" principles, living together is an effective "try it before you buy it" method. You may decry the 50% divorce rate, but the reason divorce rate is so high is that people are allowed to make the change instead of suffering in silence as they might have 50 or 60 years ago. Being married and miserable doesn't count as a good marriage.

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#60, you're just contradicting yourself. Firstly you say that getting married should lead to people discovering each other and changing themselves to make it work (which is just wrong in any case), but then you say you should get to know each other before marriage. Which should come first? Marriage, or actually getting to know your significant other.

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Douche canoe. I like.


wlddog 14

105. Actually it does not contradict itself. Perhaps you are misusing the word "contradict". I understand this is a radical idea to many, but actually dating someone and spending time with someone, does not require living in the same house. I do not care who you are. If you spend enough quality time with someone, you will come to know them. That means going out and doing things with them. Not sitting around and watching tv together. Once you have spent enough quality time together, (lets say a year) you should know that person well enough to decide if you want to marry them or not. As far as the "never improve yourself" idea you are pitching,,,, does that mean you hit your peak at 18 years old? Everything you learn about yourself and how to improve yourself is worthless? Then I would feel nothing but pity for your spouse. Adaptation and self improvement is a positive human trait. Too bad you have not yet grasped that.

good riddance! better off without him!!

It's probably better off until he learns about compromise

Hey, at least you found out now rather than another year or two down the road. My mother made the mistake of marrying an asshole and we've been paying for it since always. This is a blessing in disguise!

Hmm, if that's his way of thinking, I'm surprised he even lasted a month. No loss there. You can do better.

"No honey, not tonight. That's what your right hand is for."

"No honey, not ever, that's what the vacuum is for."

Time for him to move out and you to move on.