By Teiu88 - 20/10/2013 14:34 - Canada - Niagara Falls

Today, I realized how bad my OCD is when I accidentally got a paper cut and I was annoyed by the fact that the cut wasn't in a straight line. FML
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I don't see why I've been down-voted, I was just trying to relate to OP that I suffer from OCD as well. There are MANY butthurt inhabitants on FML.

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Maybe you should go clean, it might cheer you up

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1-Have you been diagnosed? Or are you just anal? There is a difference.

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Did you see my reply to DocBastard's comment? Making assumptions makes an ass out of you and me. I've been clinically diagnosed.

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36-I have been diagnosed as well. And asking a question is not an assumption. I would have to answer the question to be assuming. I didn't want to assume, that's why I asked. And no, I did not see your reply to Doc's comment. That is one of the problems to using a mobile phone app. Comments update peeiodically not constantly.

45 - it's just your phone. Comments on my phone app update constantly and right away.

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Same here, to prove it I was the second comment and been commenting since

#20 probably because it's "In the same boat." Sorry, now you got my OCD going too:P

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I arrange my books and movies in alphabetical order and by genre. I get literally pissed off if someone comes and messes it up.

76 - I also arrange my CDs and DVDs alphabetically, but it doesn't mean I have OCD, it just means I can find what I'm searching for much faster.

#60 If the boat is large enough aren't you considered "on" in addition to being "in" it? One is rarely "on" a dingy, rather than "in." Where as one could be "on" an aircraft carrier. No? Not trying to be a grammar nazi, seriously just wondering.

OCD doesn't mean you get annoyed at things like this. Ill go into detail if I need but right now all I'm saying is that this is not OCD

#36 No one assumed anything, he asked a question.

Hey that would piss me off too and I don't even have OCD >.>

Accidentally? As opposed to purposely getting a paper cut?

How do you get a crooked paper cut, or one not on a straight line I mean?

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it's straight but not vertical

this is when you get the razor blades :P

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there is a thin line between funny and jerk and you sir crossed the line to the latter one

I get annoyed by paper cuts by the mere fact that I'll forget about it and then put on hand sanitizer soon after.

That happens to me all the time and its quickly followed by dancing in pain :p

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Holy shit, that's the worst thing ever. It makes you want to scream like a little girl.

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Just like lemon juice in any cut

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Lotion stings almost as much as hand sanitizer... unfortunately I manage to cute my fingers a lot and often massage my boyfriend with lotion. I almost never realize my finger was cut until the lotion gets in it. >.

#52 Want to scream like a girl? Do make you scream like a girl!

One time my OCD was so bad I reached over to the person's desk next to me in class and straightened their pencil. Then I got in trouble cause the teacher thought I was cheating.

hahahaha ...and I straighten picture frames in other people's homes

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You should get some advice on that, this sounds like the beginning of a shit ton of annoyances.