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  addioty  |  19

I don't see why I've been down-voted, I was just trying to relate to OP that I suffer from OCD as well. There are MANY butthurt inhabitants on FML.

  Snide_Sniper  |  3

36-I have been diagnosed as well. And asking a question is not an assumption. I would have to answer the question to be assuming. I didn't want to assume, that's why I asked. And no, I did not see your reply to Doc's comment. That is one of the problems to using a mobile phone app. Comments update peeiodically not constantly.

  melons  |  44

76 - I also arrange my CDs and DVDs alphabetically, but it doesn't mean I have OCD, it just means I can find what I'm searching for much faster.

  ForwardUn2Dawn  |  18

#60 If the boat is large enough aren't you considered "on" in addition to being "in" it? One is rarely "on" a dingy, rather than "in." Where as one could be "on" an aircraft carrier. No? Not trying to be a grammar nazi, seriously just wondering.

  happyfingers  |  15

Lotion stings almost as much as hand sanitizer... unfortunately I manage to cute my fingers a lot and often massage my boyfriend with lotion. I almost never realize my finger was cut until the lotion gets in it. >.