By Angie - 24/03/2011 19:07 - South Africa

Today, my twelve year old neighbour decided to give a Hannah Montana concert in her backyard, starring herself. Unfortunately, she only knew three lines of the song "The Best of Both Worlds" and screamed them repeatedly at the top of her lungs. FML
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go to the concert - show her how it's done !

It looks like you have the best of both worlds!


go to the concert - show her how it's done !

ohhh myy! FYL indeed.. :(

wow.. only in america.. scratch that, SOUTH AFRICA?!?!? dear God the plague has spread....

wow.. only in america.. scratch that, SOUTH AFRICA?!?!? dear God the plague has spread... I suppose it's only fair that they send us aids and in return we send shitty hick pop music to tie things up.

tell her to shut up and throw water balloons full of piss

and that's when you cut the power.

no WTF don't go to the concert tell her to shutup

i would have pooped in her cheerios :O

have her arrested for noise pollution.

I'm with 62 on this one


wait 6 more years and pay her back!

Hannah Montana does drugs!!! it's on!!!!!!!!!!!!! <(•_•)>

go to the concert and throw balloons of piss, then you get the best of both worlds :P

At least she wasn't singing Friday by Rebecca Black!

Hannah Montana is dead.


193 *loads shotgun* wanna sing that again, bitch?

*grabs macaroni* LETS GO!!!!!! macaroni = 

good thing it wasn't the REAL Hannah Montana. that would be much worse.


so hannah montanna was there?

kids will be kids.

Exactly! Nobody's Perfect:P so she's gotta work it, again and again til she gets it right... You should buy some earplugs OP.

whatever, I never did annoying shit like that when I was a kid

F Your Neighbor's Life

Lmao to the comment "Whatever I never did annoying shit like that when I was little" it's funny because you probably did even more annoying shit when you was little.

Its still annoying though...

no. my parents knew a thing or two about discipline, unlike today's parents who let their kids walk all over them. "kids will be kids" is not an excuse for complacency.

Uhmmmm.... she should be disciplined for singing? when I was 12 I sang songs and didn't know all the lyrics.

139, thats not the point... she was singing music from the most ghastly creature known to man... Hannah Montana. for that the child should be locked in a sound-proof cage.

That's not what 124 is talking about...

I have 4 kids and they are very good kids. our kids did the singing thing too but that does not mean they are out of control. kids need to be kids. that is all I'm saying. you are right about some parents do let their kids run over them.

yes, 142. I know that. I was replying to your comment. not 124. my comment pertains to your comment. run along now. *pats head*

At least it wasn't "baby baby baby oooooooooh!".

"Kids will be kids" until you need to slap a ho.

Completely agree with 124, her parents are letting her scream her lungs out , not very considerate to neighboors :/ ahh disney and nickelodeons making every kid on their shows singers which is annoying as hell when they sound like a dying piece of shh..

It looks like you have the best of both worlds!


#42 Man! Your name is A7X Love! They are much better!!

Best of Both Worlds is an amazing Van Halen!

115- *cough*sarcasm*cough*

dam she must be good

can't be better than rebecca black

Everyone is better than Rebecca Black.

exaactly. everyone is also better than jenna rose also. i mean, come on, "keke palmer is wearing my jeans" juust freaking terrible.

burn that witch!

ha! I like your picture!!

is she better than Hannah Montana?

it's hard not 2 b

It's not hard to sing better than her, just sayin'.

My grumbling stomach sings better than hannah montana

Uhm, Miley Cyrus is very good? Maybe not her songs but her voice is great.

Actually, she composed a song with David Bisbal, a great Spanish singer, and she sounds pretty good.

actually 104, her voice reminds me of my grandmothers... lungs full of tar from smoking for 50 years. very bad husky gravely voice.

I absolutely hate her voice. When she sings she makes the exact same sounds my teachers make when they yell at me.

I'll give her this it's better than Rebecca blacks voice

151, my foot sings better than her...

Her voice sounds like a horse having a stroak!! Her lyrics SUCK and even those are better than her voice!!

BEeeeeeeeeeeeest offffffff booooootttttttttth wurdlz

Shit I jst did an account cause it was the first time that i read a post with no comments, and I wanted to be the first. Now I'm too late, FML!

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Send me €100, and I'll spend it all on booze, then I'll frame you for murder.

Now that's how you party!

Zooozi, I created my account to meet chicks, but Rachel and Sirin kept turning me down. So I've resorted to sarcasm and insulting random strangers. Imagine how differently things could have turned out if they hadn't been so frigid.

Doc, send me €500, and I won't take you on a tour of Dead Man's Alley.

hahahahaha doc

I created this account over 2 years ago to annoy staff and be banned and unbanned. I turned out okay.

23, oh... ummm... you're soooo turning me on...

Doc, I know exactly how you feel. KaySL is still giving me the cold shoulder.

She's just twelve give her a break....even though that is torture.