By HannaMD - 26/01/2015 15:21 - Canada

Today, my cat had the bright idea of giving birth in the dryer, on top of all my new white towels. FML
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Actually it sounds like the cat DID have a pretty good idea and found a soft, warm place to do it. Linens can be cleaned. At least it wasn't your couch or carpet. Congrats on the new kittens!

At least they're white so you can bleach the hell out of them!


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Don't leave your dryer open with clothes in it! It's a good way to get stuff in your clean clothes. Anyway, that sucks that they are so bloody now.

better yet dont be an irresponsible pet owner. Spay and neuter your pets people.

How is it irresponsible to not spay your pet? The OP didn't say that the cat having kittens was a problem, just the location where they had them. It is entirely possible that the OP wanted the cat to breed and have kittens. They may have set up "play dates" specifically to allow it to happen. You don't know. The only way it is irresponsible to not spay your cat is if you 1) actively don't want and can't support them having offspring or 2) you let your cat wander around outside where it could decide to have "play dates" of its own.

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#75 I would argue that UNLESS you are an ethical breeder working to further whatever specific breed you choose (and I mean with show-quality cats or dogs that have already proven themselves in the ring, that they are top specimens of the breed, have had genetic health testing done, etc), then you are irresponsible for breeding your cat. Breeding your cat or dog just because you want puppies or kittens? Instead of breeding your cat for that, spay and neuter...then go adopt kittens from the shelter. If you decide to breed your pet-quality animal, you may not directly be putting your kittens into a shelter if you can't find homes, but you are making it that much harder for the animals that are already in shelters to find homes. Some of those cats and dogs have been in shelters for years. They don't deserve to live in a cage for the rest of their lives; if people would just fix their pets and adopt from shelters occasionally, the pet population problem would hopefully get under control. I also have no problem with buying a pet from reputable breeders; that doesn't include "designer dogs" like labradoodles, which are just overpriced mongrels. (I have nothing against mutts; I do have something against the breeders of these dogs who claim they are designer breeds to scam people out of money). I'm sorry this is so long! I also am not making any judgments about OP in this because no one knows their situation.

That is assuming that the person in question didn't want the kittens that were born. I know a two separate people one with six cats, the other with eight and it's because they bred their cats and kept the kittens. They both have huge, huge homes. Quite a bit of money and all of the cats have their various shots and such. Also just to look at this from the animals perspective, how would you like it if a giant cat or dog decided you should be neutered since, well, there are plenty of unwanted children in orphanages. If they want to be responsible they can always adopt one of them. Don't get me wrong, it sucks that so many animals are in shelters but not everyone wants a shelter cat. There are some people who can't deal with the emotional issues the animals often have due to why ever they were in the shelter in the first place. There are others who want specific breeds for temperament issues. Then there are the people, like one of my friends there, who feel that if you are going to force multiple critters to live together anyway, then it should be momma and her babies, not a random mix who may all hate each other.

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at least there's cute kittens

You say you weren't judging or making assumptions, but that is ALL you did. And maybe the cat wanted babies? If you think they shouldn't be around to breed when they want then you shouldn't be able to either. Let's take you to be spayed or neutered, today.

#75 That's kind of how I feel too. If people are willing and able to take care kittens or puppies and find good homes for them, then there's no reason why they shouldn't breed their pets. If the kittens or puppies find good homes then they shouldn't add to the animals in shelters. People also have the responsibility to only get a pet if they can take care of them and not take them to shelters if they can't; they should do everything they can to find another home for their pet if they can't take care of them for whatever reason. Both our cats are mixes that came from people who had pregnant cats. One of them came from a farm like place where the kittens had lots of room to roam and the people took care of them all, including putting a lot of money into one kitten with health problems and spaying or neutering the kittens (our cat was already neutered when he adopted him, which was nice). I do think that most owners should spay or neuter their pets because they can't or won't deal with the responsibility of kittens or puppies. If they are a breeder and breeding pure-breeds then I think they should be more careful though because health problems are common in pure-breeds that shouldn't be passed down through genetics and people pay good money for a pure-breed.

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Perfect comment lol! Idk why people would down vote this.

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Pink towels and kittens?! Win win!

At least they're white so you can bleach the hell out of them!

Whatever, who cares? You got freakin kittens now.

Ha like she's going to keep them. They'll end up getting put down.

^^ You obviously have never met a dedicated cat breeder.

Actually it sounds like the cat DID have a pretty good idea and found a soft, warm place to do it. Linens can be cleaned. At least it wasn't your couch or carpet. Congrats on the new kittens!

I was about to say the same thing! If I were that cat, I would've done the same and not regret it. I hope you are stoked about your new kittens, OP. Because kittens are ******* adorable.

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Lol. Cats don't give a ****, why would it regret anything to begin with #8

or on the back seat of your convertible... which is what happened to my dad when his dog gave birth (despite having set up a gorgeous whelping box)

At least you noticed when you did. And didn't accidentally run the dryer......and you know, kill them.

Omg I just realized that death was avoided here!!

Well at least it wasn't on your favorite business suit. Hope the kittens are healthy!!

Well, just pass the towels off as art and make millions. Seriously, some crazy stuff passes as art.

At least it wasn't on your bed, my dog decided to do that once...

I've had a cat give birth on my bed. Not pretty at all.

That reminds me of the episode of Full House where the dog gives birth on Jesse's bed and he was freaking out and yelling, "why did it have to be my bed?!"