By Anonomous - 26/01/2015 15:48 - Canada - Whitby

Today, I got a cute girl's number for the first time. Too bad it was because she rear ended my car. FML
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Wink and tell her a rear for a rear. It's flawless.

#2 and #7, you guys are so smooth that if you two were telemarketers, you would be smooth operators.

Tell her this "fender bender" isn't the only "bending" she'll be doing tonight.

Tell her that your car isn't the only "hard-surfaced" thing she'll be hitting.

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2, that line is so smooth that seventy percent of the time, it works all the time.

Tell her that your automobile isn't the only thing with which she'll be colliding.... Wait, was I supposed to be doing an innuendo?

could make for a cute "how we met" story don't lose hope but you're more likely to end up paying for the "whip lash" she got good luck op

If she rear ended him then the ticket goes to her. I've been in more than my fair share the ticket always goes to the person in back because generally in a wreck they were following more closely than they should have been or they would have been able to stop in time. So if she would try to sue odds are she wouldn't win. Just a fun fact.

Hey, it might lead somewhere, you never know

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You'll be surprised to know how many relationships start with an accident?

Just roll with it. Maybe you could offer her some dinner or take her out as a way of apologizing. You never know how it could turn out!

Why would he apologize to her? Should be the other way around.

Oh, sorry, I read that wrong. But OP could still try and take her out for dinner!

It's those rare moments that are life's most precious gift.

I usually don't advocate revenge but since she rear ended you, it's your duty to rear end her, in her car ;).

At least you got her number! My best friend was involved in a hit and run this very morning. You're quite lucky, OP. Take advantage (: