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By  kittykat1497  |  7

well that's ok arm wrestling is more about strategy than strength

  JonaDona  |  2


  suprmidgt  |  0

no. it is not. well maybe in a controlled environment and the guy is giving up control. to be weaker then a girl is not. arm wrestling is both though and if you get the good hand position and keep your opponent from getting it you can cut their strength I'm half almost.

  fthislyfe  |  22

#69: I didn't let it take long :D i beat myself when i figured he couldn't beat me. by the way does anyone know why i cant put a profile pic im so frustrated >:(

  dvdp112  |  0

when another guy challenges me to a strength contest there is only one full proof method to determine who is stronger... paper scissors rock the game where only the strong survive...

  a_nutritionist  |  10

ugh. there is no universal test of strength. strength is not just something you have more of than someone else, because different muscles are worked in different activities AND strength varies among different activities, because each situation is different.
its really sad when you see people arguing over who is stronger or a 'better fighter'. there is no correct answer to the question unless the individuals are on extreme different ends of the spectrum or youre comparing specific instances, not just 'strength'.

  withered  |  30

"weaker than 'a girl'" - If you are bothered by the fact that the opposite sex beat you you have some high insecurities and frustrations to deal with. Don't make your inferior complex other people's problems.

  KingGeorgeGal  |  12

2. Is that really all you could think to say?
& I've beaten guys at arm wrestling, it does not mean I'm manly, it just means I don't sit at my house all day admiring my clothes and I actually workout a little. I also don't let them win, I would feel greatly upset if they let me win in my opinion it's not right. Be honest OP and tell him the truth, maybe suggest working out together, help bring you guys closer and maybe next time he will win for real(:

  RileyL29  |  0

Why pick on one-worded comments? This is FML where people comment what they want, however they want. It's not a column to advise the lives of those who have been fucked. No pun intended.
There are more circumstances to this FML, I'm sure, which prevented me from coming up with some derogatory comment toward
the male (needing steroids, bad in bed, etc) as others have chosen to do or assuming the girl is manly.
That being said (and #1 comment), I chose to say "wow" and move on..

  cenax27  |  0

there's nothing wrong to losing to a woman... you see Rosie o donnel lately? I dunno if it's a woman, but I'd lose an arm wrestling match with it

  chaoticnh  |  0

I love how everyone rips someones asshole for replacing an "e" with an "a". god damn you act like you never spelt anything wrong before. grow up