By fthislyfe - 02/07/2011 14:06 - United States

Today, while arm wrestling with my boyfriend, I had to pretend he beat me. FML
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no honey it's about strength...

fthislyfe 22

OMG i cant believe they finally posted my FML ! im so excited


well that's ok arm wrestling is more about strategy than strength

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no honey it's about strength...

OceanBreathesSal 5

go back to playing chess please.

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KingGeorgeGal 12

Well, tell him the truth? You shouldn't make him think he actually won.

*sarcastic comment feels misunderstood* :(

And it's really about both. I've never played a game that was pure strength. it's long controlled bursts of strength, to tire the other guy out. so in the end it's both :P

Y wud u do dat u so DAYUMnn silly u gotta smack da lil hoe upside has head cuz dat so dayumn silly YA KNOW WHA IM SAYINN

46, no I don't know what you're saying.

fthislyfe 22

OMG i cant believe they finally posted my FML ! im so excited

On the bright side, you'll never have to worry about spousal abuse. He may have need for concern though...

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49, why'd you have to pretend he beat you? :O

fthislyfe 22

i didn't want to hurt his feelings. also, its awkward isnt it?

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59, I understand :D but I always thought it was a turn on for guys when the females were more dominant and stuff lmao

no. it is not. well maybe in a controlled environment and the guy is giving up control. to be weaker then a girl is not. arm wrestling is both though and if you get the good hand position and keep your opponent from getting it you can cut their strength I'm half almost.

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What the hell are you actually saying bro?

fthislyfe 22

#69: I didn't let it take long :D i beat myself when i figured he couldn't beat me. by the way does anyone know why i cant put a profile pic im so frustrated >:(

whenever someone says "let's see who's stronger, arm wrestle" I say "that doesn't prove shit, let's fight." true story(;

Andrew1122 0

she deserves it for dating a wimpy ass guy

ya bench-press is the best way to tell

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you fotard its about strength

so what if he isnt strong? wimpy guys are cute arent they? ... or did my mum just tell me that to make me feel better?

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when another guy challenges me to a strength contest there is only one full proof method to determine who is stronger... paper scissors rock the game where only the strong survive...

fthislyfe, you must feel special that your fml posted and that you can kick your bf's ass anyday. good for you :D

I personally like it when a girl "beats" me, u shouldn't pretend to beat him just do it and stop torturing him!

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#84 what about speed, endurance, and technique lol? if you think fighting measures strength you are sadly mistaken

MrFlintstone 5

^except how much weight someone can lift^ since the first comment is buried does that mean we are all buried.

a_nutritionist 10

ugh. there is no universal test of strength. strength is not just something you have more of than someone else, because different muscles are worked in different activities AND strength varies among different activities, because each situation is different. its really sad when you see people arguing over who is stronger or a 'better fighter'. there is no correct answer to the question unless the individuals are on extreme different ends of the spectrum or youre comparing specific instances, not just 'strength'.

it's about who masturbates more. obviously his girlfriend does a lot of it.

I think you're referring to just wrestling...

63 some guys like that some don't depends on his personality.

MagicGiraffe 12

158, how many fights have you won again?

bitchslapped22 14

I love the abundance of Mac Miller profile pictures

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she either fat or dude a pussy

"weaker than 'a girl'" - If you are bothered by the fact that the opposite sex beat you you have some high insecurities and frustrations to deal with. Don't make your inferior complex other people's problems.

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fthislyfe 22

No, I think she just has stronger muscles than him. Girls have muscles too you know, and maybe OP has used certain muscles more then her boyfriend or something.

Hoarr 0

Or maybe her boyfriend's just weak .

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it was probably because OPs boyfriend was still a little disoriented after being punched and knocked unconscious by a man who he mistook for OP after grabbing his ass.

Maybe Op is from American gladiators

KingGeorgeGal 12

2. Is that really all you could think to say? & I've beaten guys at arm wrestling, it does not mean I'm manly, it just means I don't sit at my house all day admiring my clothes and I actually workout a little. I also don't let them win, I would feel greatly upset if they let me win in my opinion it's not right. Be honest OP and tell him the truth, maybe suggest working out together, help bring you guys closer and maybe next time he will win for real(:

192- Does strength really matter? =

192- Why pick on one-worded comments? This is FML where people comment what they want, however they want. It's not a column to advise the lives of those who have been ******. No pun intended. There are more circumstances to this FML, I'm sure, which prevented me from coming up with some derogatory comment toward the male (needing steroids, bad in bed, etc) as others have chosen to do or assuming the girl is manly. That being said (and #1 comment), I chose to say "wow" and move on..

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there's nothing wrong to losing to a woman... you see Rosie o donnel lately? I dunno if it's a woman, but I'd lose an arm wrestling match with it

cenax27 0

why are you on fml? your cute. this makes no sense

maybe he wanted to make you feel strong??

either your a tank or he's a twig,. either way, that's pretty funny

Lauren10102 3

{#3 You read it wrong, the girl let the boy win

20-You read the comment wrong. It meant that maybe he was so weak because he was trying to let her win.


why wouldn't you comment on #3's comment then if your talking to #3?

Lauren10102 3

I could be talking to #7 dipshit

blanquito 1

or think about his fml... " me and my girlfriend arm wrestled.. she let me win"

either your super strong or he's week..

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its "WEAK" ........... what grade are you in?? I don't know about you, but I learned how to spell in kindergarten...

sillygoth243 0

well at least we know who wears the pants

yummycupkake 0

yeah, but who buckles the belt? ;)

So what're you guys doing later this weak?

KiddNYC1O 20

82- Good question. It's already July, last munth went by so quick.

she's blonde guys don't worry it's normal :)

chaoticnh 0

I love how everyone rips someones asshole for replacing an "e" with an "a". god damn you act like you never spelt anything wrong before. grow up

chaoticnh 0

#34 l like how you rip someones ass for replacing an "e" for an "a". grow up

157 is trying to get some over the Internet

I guess 154 doesn't have any plans for the weak.

I guess 154 doesn't have any plans for the weak.

hey claire:) my names dylan how's it going?

maffy4ever 8

Maybe he let you win. Hopefully? (:

I can imagine OP's boyfriend looking like Eric from That '70s Show

MrSexyPants 14

And the girlfriend is Donna. She had so much more testosterone than Eric...

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moar like Tim and Eric lul

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I'd think I girl would value a mans penis size over arm strength. RJ Berger nuff said